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Elementz of Fotographie

How Can You Lose Weight with
Yoga and Meditation ?

Article submitted by
Fit, Firm 'n Fab and Written by Davelle Morrison

A regular yoga and meditation practice help you to lose weight

Yoga is a series of postures meant to relax and stretch your body yes but it also allows you to increase your flexibility, strength & balance while becoming more in-tuned & aware of your body’s needs & subtle changes.  It is the new found body awareness that will help you to lose weight using yoga.

If you allow it to, yoga can help you find your own inner truth and tap into the reasons why you reach for food long even when you are full.

Meditation on the other hand will also help you to gain internal insight & awareness. Traditional meditation is as simple as lying in corpse pose - lying on your back as if you are sleeping, with palms open and facing skyward, legs spread slightly apart, arms outstretched 45 degrees away from your body, head facing forward, eyes closed.  Another traditional for meditation pose is to sit with your legs crossed, sitting tall with palms facing upward with the thumb and index finger touching. 

With all meditation poses it is important to breathe - inhale & exhale slowly.  Notice how it really feels to inhale & exhale. Give yourself your undivided attention.  No music, no blackberry, no cell phone, no television and definitely no books.  I know for some of you that will be the hardest challenge to not allow noise or other daily distractions to permeate around you.

Apart from these poses one can also be in a mindful meditation while walking, gardening, cleaning or even eating.  You need to truly pay attention to what you are eating?  Your meditation practice can be expanded to all areas of your life including eating.  When you put something in your mouth, you must truly taste it, and feel it nourishing your body. 

You must ask yourself some questions:

Do you eat your food so quickly that you don’t even give yourself the opportunity to do that? 

Do you eat while doing other activities so that you can’t be more mindful of what you put in your mouth? 

Are you thankful for the food that you are eating? 

Can you say a small prayer of thanks for the food that you are about to eat? 

Can you chew your food more to really enjoy it?

Have you looked at your food and recognized if it is or is not actually providing your body with the nutrients that it needs?

Becoming more aware of your body will allow you to become more aware of how your body feels and the food that it truly needs to function well.  When you reach for that donut or cookie, you should be asking yourself why you are reaching for this food?  As your awareness grows, you will begin to eat less and more healthfully. 

Losing weight through meditation and yoga is a slow and gradual process and not a quick fix weight loss solution.  Remember that in the race between the tortoise & the hare, it is the tortoise that won.  Slow & steady wins the race especially when it comes to losing weight through yoga and meditation.  You don’t want to crash & burn like the hare.

A meditation practice can start off for simply 10 minutes twice a week first thing in the morning when your home is the most silent.  Then gradually work yourself up to a daily practice.  Your yoga practice can start off once a week with a Hatha, Ashtanga, Moksha or Bikram class, gradually moving to twice a week.  Remember that variety is the spice of life so be sure to try different yoga styles and to incorporate other activities like running, weight training, kettle bells, swimming, and spin classes to really ramp up your results.  You can also start your yoga practice at home doing Sun Salutations each morning.  Next week, we will go through the positions in the Sun Salutations Hatha Yoga Sequence.

Yoga & meditation can help you to lose weight by bringing an awareness to how your body truly looks, allowing you to be mindful of what you put in your mouth and helping you to recognize when your stomach is full. 

Just think of the tortoise and the hare and desire to be more like the tortoise in 2010.

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