This checklist is here so that you know you're not alone. The bride that doesn't go through at least half of this stuff is the "weirdo". Print this list, tack it up in your room somewhere and see if you can be the "all time champ" and check off every single item. Whatever you don't see here, add it to your list, and don't forget to send it to us. Also keep it in a safe place to hand down to your daughter.

He didn't get down on one knee.

He just handed me the box without putting the ring on my finger.
The damn ring didn't fit.
He's given me the ring, but can't commit to a wedding day.
I've got the ring and I hate it, but I don't want to hurt his feelings, so I'll just grin and bare it, all the while I'm hoping to get mugged. "Oh, Honey, look he took my beautiful ring."
Why don't we argue about: a traditional wedding, a victorian wedding, a modern wedding or why not throw our nationality into the mix.
The two of us want a small wedding. Our parents want to invite every single person they've ever met.
We go along with the bigger wedding. We're not happy about it, but get a grip who ever said it was our day anyway. Time to look for a quaint location. OH NO, "No child of mine is going to get married in a place like this. We're going to get you the best hall the city has to offer".
Someone do me a favour, pull my mother-in-law to be out of my ass!
We're both of a different faith. I don't care about this but both sets of parents want the ceremony in their own faith.
I want to get married in a church but I don't attend regularly, so I keep getting turned down. I'm starting to get the "elope" feeling.
The church is coming up with a list of rules and regulations a mile long. Can't do this, can't do that. That'll cost you extra.
Then to top it all off we've got those wedding classes to attend.
Look on the bright side, so far I haven't had anything to do.
As it is right now our parents have managed to spend anywhere between $6,000 to $10,000.
You still have to pay for a: florist, DJ, limo, invitations, hair, make-up, favours, photography, videography, decorations and wedding attire. Gifts for each other, your wedding party and your parents. Don't forget the little extras and our future. I know I'm really thinking about eloping now. Just chill, follow the Frugal Bride planners and checklists and they'll walk me through it nicey, nice.
Get my nerves in check because here comes the shower I didn't want. So make sure I register, that way when I open my gifts I'll know that at least I like them.
Ah! The dreaded seating plan. Many tears have been shed over this one.
Where to seat divorced parents and feuding relatives.
Then there's that uncle that breaks out into song after a couple of drinks. Geez, what will the in-laws think.
My credit card is maxed and there's still so much to do.
Someone in my bridal party went and got herself pregnant. The nerve of some people.
It's 2 weeks before the wedding and my dress isn't ready yet. Oh! God when will this all end.
I'm not putting one cent into that rehearsal dinner, that's his responsibility. "What do you mean you don't have any money left either. Well ask your parents for it, they're the ones who wanted the big fancy hall."
Okay, that's it, someone definitely has to pull my mother-in-law to be out of my ass AGAIN! Gonna commit murder!!!!!!
I didn't realize we needed a permit to take a couple of lousy pictures.
"If that photographer tells me to tilt my head one more time, I'm gonna kill him."
"Is it hot in here or is it just me?"
I checked in with the reception site to confirm the final tally of guests and because I didn't read the small print, now they tell me that the price of our menu has gone up because of some hurricane in Florida six months ago.
Believe us, when we say, we could go on, but we want to leave something to your imagination.
This one will get you the "Grand Prize". You wake up the morning of the wedding, walk over to the mirror and take a final look at the single you. You give yourself a little smile. You're so happy and proud of all the work you've put into this day. You're relieved to know that if you and your fiance can live through the wedding planning, you can live through anything. This is going to be THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. You stroll to the bathroom with your head held high and close the door. OH SHIT!!! I got my period!!!!!!!!!

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