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All photographs supplied by
Elementz of Fotographie

My Tiara/headband is very original looking, and it only took me about an hour to make. It's not really like a crown, but more like "antennae" (that's the best way to describe it) sticking up from the band at varying heights ranging from 1/2" to 1-1/4", with beads wrapped around the base of the band as well. All the little "antennae" have different combinatiosn of beads o them, some that are as simple as a wire with only one bead, to some that have a mix, to some that look sort of like little flowers.

When it is done, it will look sort of like an upside down U-shape with many little pieces sticking up from it. Unfortunately I currently do not have a picture to send.

Like I said in the post on the Babbling Brides, here are the supplies I needed:
  • Wire headband (from the dollar store)
  • Beads (3 & 4mm pearls and glass)
  • Floral Wire (the cut, straight kind, not on the roll)
  • Needlenose pliers
  • Wire cutters or old scissors

Cut shorter pieces of wire to make the "antennae". Each piece of wire should be about 5" long.

Fold the wire in half so it looks sort of like a large hairpin, and then thread the wire through the bead until it sits in an angle. Pinch the two ends together. Hold the bead between your finger and thumb and hold the other end of the wire with pliers. Twist the end with bead on it around and around until it twists very tightly and it is the length you want it to stick up from the headband. Leave the 2 free ends of the wire untwisted and trim the free ends to about 3/4" long so that you can wrap these around the headband later on.

I mad of these parts first (about 30-40 pieces in all) so I could put them on the band in all different places, according to how I wanted it to look.

Once you have all the "antennae" made, wrap the free ends around the base of the headband and flatten the ends onto the headband with the pliers. They are really quite bendy, so you can curve them or straighten them out to make them look exactly the way you want.

After that is all done, take a long wire and wrap it about 1" around one sice of the band just starting above where your ear would be. Then but the beads on it, wrapping the whole base below the "antennae". This covers up any wire ends that will be showing.

And voila, you should have your very own homemade tiara when you are finished. If you have any questions about this craft, you can contact me through the Babbling Brides bulletin board.

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