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The following suggestions where gathered from the Babbling Bride Board.

Buy A bunch of panties from The Dollar Store and ask each table to make "sexy underwear panties for the bride"

Mount a map on cardboard (it has to be big) and have guests put a pin in the map where they think the couple will be going on honeymoon (this works really well if no one knows the destination). They also fill out a ballot with their mailing address. The bride and groom send the winner(s) post cards while they're on their honeymoon and bring them a little souvenir.

The MOB carries a tray with a variety of items for everyone to see then leaves the room, guests are then asked to recall and write what they remember the MOB was wearing not what was on the tray

We also did the word taboo game, following our beach theme everyone wore a lei and if you said the taboo words "honeymoon, FI name and even my name was added" someone could steal your lei guest with most at the end wins

The best thing they did was, purchase thank you cards then have the guests upon arrival address their own envelopes, which they later put in a bag for a draw, not quite a game but a great idea and saved me lots of time when it came to Thank You's

The funniest game I've played was everyone had to form teams of two. One person was given a broom and the other 3 rolls of toilet paper. They had to stand across from each other and the person with the broom had to put it between her knees. The person with the toilet paper had to put a roll between her knees one at a time and feed the roll onto the broom stick. The first team to get all three rolls of toilet on the broom stick won, the person with the toilet paper got a prize of their choosing and the person with the broom got to keep the broom.

Each table was given a sheet of paper with a letter on it and they had to come up with a list of items that the bride might take on her honeymoon, each item had to begin with the letter to which they were assigned. The bride would then choose the most interest list as the winner. It was hilarious reading out some of the outrageous things people listed.

TOILET PAPER BRIDE - Wedding Night Edition
A twist on the traditional was to dress a lady at your table in what the bride would wear on her honeymoon. It was outrageous, ppl had some real kinky stuff and it was way too funny when both the grandma's got dressed up in toilet paper bras and panties.

Give table marshmallows (different sizes/colours), toothpicks, sparkles, stickers, etc... and they had to make a wedding cake within a time limit. Bride picks the winner.

TRUE OR FALSE - Different Cultures Edition
For example, if Sara was a bride in Mexico she would have to...... True or False. A little research online can find some unique traditions from around the world.

All BP members donate one of their bras, they're numbered and u have to guess which bra belongs to which girl. Some people get right in there and start taking measurements with their hands for reference.

Bring a scale and the heaviest purse wins.

I've also played a game similar to Boogle where you have to use the letters from the bride's future last name to make as many words as possible.

Roll out a big piece of paper on the each guest comes in, have them trace their hand on the paper. Don’t tell them why, but just tell them they have to do this while on their feet, so they have to bend forward to reach the paper. Write down their comments, and later in the shower, read them out as the what will be said on the bride and groom's wedding night! some funny ones I remember were "I can’t see!", "I have to open my legs to do this!", or "What the H*LL is this??" Too funny!!

Prior to the shower, get the groom to answer a bunch of questions about himself. Ask the bride these questions at the shower, and for each one she gets wrong, she has to put a piece of bubble gum in her mouth

Pictures of wedding related items are taken with a digital camera and uploaded on the computer, the image is zoomed in really close so that only one part of the item is visible and everyone tries to identify what the item is from that view.

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