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Reply cards and self-addressed envelopes are inserts that you send with your invitation. These inserts are filled out by your guests and sent back to you. The cards let you know such information like, who and how many will attend and/or their meal preference. They are also known as RSVP Cards and Response Cards. Below are a few different samples of wording that can be mixed and matched. We are always looking for new samples. If you're using or know of unique reply card wording, email it to and don't worry about the graphics, we'll take care of that.


  • M______________ , is where your guests will fill in their names, i.e.: Mr. Jim and Mary Brown .
  • Since it's not always easy to read handwriting, number all you reply cards on the back. Use the number beside their name on your guest list...You have numbered your guest list, right?
  • You can always fill in the names of the guests yourself before mailing. This helps to insure that everyone knows exactly who's being invited. Good for adult receptions also.

If your guests decline, the number line will be empty or you’ll see “0”

Having accept & decline lines makes it easier for you and your guests to figure out.

Your guests can checkmark with an “X” or
put the number of meals beside each choice.
If the Roast Beef is checked, that means everyone is having it.

Truly the most confusing for all.
If you choose reply wording like this, expect to see all kinds of answers:
- Will not attend, will X attend, will “check mark” attend, will 2 attend....
- I'm not sure what's proper but I write the name of the people attending and
leave the blank after 'will' blank if I'm going.
- If I can't make it, I fill in the names and write 'not' on the line.

Perfect for an adult reception or
for guests that don't understand that only the names
on the outer envelope are invited.

You’re making it very clear that children are not invited.

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