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Father of the Groom Speech
Contributed by Fred Hinton

Well, this day has finally arrived.  I hope it is everything you both wanted it to be. I  would like to begin by talking a little bit about Robert.  I can't believe that what feels like only a short few years ago, I was running around telling family and friends that Rob was just born.  It was only yesterday that he was a little boy. He had a smile as  big as the sun itself.  I used to admire the way he could just tuck himself away and play all day.  Whether it be with cars and  dump trucks or reading for hours.  He was very independent.   Sometimes I actually had to go into his room and make sure he was ok because he was so quiet.

But at the end of the day he would sort of run out of steam and  get  very tired.  His  body would not want to shut down.  There is a trick that  always put him to sleep and I would like to pass this onto Brenda.  He's  a bit on the big side to get him on your knee....., but if you place your hand right at the top of his forehead.... and rub very gently in slow circles he will  probably drop off, just like the old days.

This might be handy when trying to win an argument.  Just get him into that right position, start the circles and I'm sure like magic you can probably talk him into anything....  Well at the very least he'll probably fall asleep and stop ticking you off.

I used to worry about Rob and relationships as he was becoming a young man.  He didn't seem to date a lot, or at least to my knowledge he didn't.

Unlike his busy brother, Michael....  which we won't get into.  

I once asked Rob about it.  I said  to him,   "Wouldn't it be nice to have someone special in your life to share things with?"  He replied, "I don't really want to waste my time with relationships that are not going anywhere,  I mean, what's the point?  I'll know when it's the right one."    Still I worried.

A little over 2 years ago I started to hear the name Brenda come up in conversations with Rob.  Brenda this and Brenda that...   Well after about 3 months he wanted me to meet this woman.   It was to be a full family Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  I was dying to meet this person Brenda.  Finally the day arrived.  We had gone all out for that day.  I even baked 2 pies for the occasion.

It was a nice, friendly first meeting at the front door.  Then I had to rush off and continue with my host duties.  But every chance I got I was watching her.  From the moment she entered the room it was like she was long time friends with everyone there.  Chatting and laughing.  She fit in like a perfect fitting glove.

As dinner came to an end and dessert was being prepared for serving I was told that Brenda had also baked pies for the day.  Ha ha here was the test.  Well after sampling her pies and leaving my own alone...., I was convinced that she was a good match for my son.

Later on and for the past year or so I have had  the pleasure of seeing them together once a week  to do some dance lessons.   I must confess that I have seen them when they have been giddy with each other.... and let's say not so giddy....  I have seen them when they were happy and when they have been sad.   They take the good with the bad like a perfect team. Each of  them are good and kind to the other at all times.

It has been special, to be a part of watching they're love for each other grow each time I see them.  I'm glad they have had some hard times as well as good times.  It will insure that their lives together will continue to grow stronger. I am very happy they found each other.  And now I can't imagine one without the other.

I was told by a cousin of mine that when she got married many years ago, my dad, who Rob is named after gave her some advice on her wedding day and I would like to offer that same advice to you   both today. 

Love is not all roses.  You have to work every single day at your love.  Some days it will be easier than others.  But if you remember this and work at it you will have a long and great life together.

Love you both

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