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We asked the FBs: What you definitely don't want at your shower?

- Too many people. I prefer a smaller guest list, more intimate, and more time to spend with each guest. I don't think the shower should rival the actual wedding, but should be a comfortable atmosphere.

- I don't want boring conversation, i.e. what the is right way to hang the toilet paper, or the "bow hat".

- I don't want to sit in a circle in someone's living room and play embarrassing games with virtual strangers, and open gifts while people watch. I don't want ANYONE to make me wear a silly hat.

- I don't want a lot of stupid games. I think 2 are enough

- Male strippers. Thankfully, we didn't have that!I also did not appreciate being put in a T-shirt with lifesavers sewn on and 'buck a suck' on it, taken to the bar and gotten really really drunk. Sure it was fun at the time, but not exactly the kind of thing you tell your kids about!

- Ummm, I could have done without opening the gifts in front of everyone! I really don't like doing this, but my mother insisted, so I opened like 20 gifts of lingerie in front of my guests!

- Hmmmmm.. a stripper...nope NO sir..

- I don't want to open my gifts while sitting in a big chair with an even bigger bow-hat on. I'd rather have my BMS open them, log them and put them on a display table.

- Strippers

- The whole neighbourhood

- Brats and affiliated emotions, characteristics, etc. and awful food. Games! I don't want games.

- Big group of loud people that I have to be nice to for hours while someone is striping.

- A lot of focus on the gifts isn't what I have in mind. it doesn't matter who brings what, it's more important to have a good time visiting with my guests. also, I'm not interested in silly hats.

- People feeling uncomfortable because they don't know anyone. I would want to focus on talking to everyone and having everyone interact with eachother.

- Shower - silly hat; stupid games

- Stagette - strippers (although I heard there's a male belly dancer in Edmonton -- supposed to be very rare -- that would be interesting!); focus on drinking

- What don't I want at my shower? The older women FIGHTING over who takes home what cookies! I swear I cringe every time I see a woman take tin foil out of her purse to take EXTRA cookies home (hint: last shower I went to the MOH solved the cookie fight problem by putting an EQUAL amount of cookies in disposable plastic containers with ribbon tied around them to each woman! I wanted to kiss her when I saw that!!). Also I don't want any women fighting over who really won what game!

- I don't want strangers. I don't want all the focus to be on me and my gifts. I don't want the guests to be bored.

- I don't want to open my gifts while sitting in a big chair with an even bigger bow-hat on. I'd rather have my BMS open them, log them and put them on a display table.

- I would not want any games, or opening gifts in front of everyone while they sit in a circle around me and watch. I like the BM's opening gifts and putting them on display idea!

- The food and host home was perfect. All the food was home made and there are some fantastic cooks in my family. It was self-serve, so that was good too.

- We asked the FBs: What was wrong at the worst shower you ever attended?

- No shade. The shower was held outdoors in the blazing August sun, with no shade to take cover under. The food was brought out at the very end (also in direct sunlight) when many of the guests started to leave. It was an incredibly hot day, many guests started to feel the effects of the heat (that's why they left very early), and I wasn't the only one that got sunburned.

- As always, the gifts were opened in a big circle (on very uncomfortable chairs in a much-too-small room), and of course the price ranges of the gifts varied wildly. Those who brought less expensive gifts looked uncomfortable, as did those who spent a lot.

- Some guests didn't really want to be there, EX:a mother and maybe a stepmother but there isn't really anything you can do about that except asked them to be civilized for a few hours

- The other shower I went to was for a sorority sister and it was a combo bridal shower/bachelorette. I missed the shower part and showed up after everyone had already started drinking (which is not a problem!) I guess it just wasn't very "bridal shower-y" to have everyone go from opening gifts to dancing with a stripper!!!! LOL!

- I went to a huge Italian shower at a hall years ago. For over 2 hours I watched the bride open one gift at a time, get up, find the person that gave it to her and give her a kiss. I thought it would never end.

- Too many people, Too late in the afternoon, Too many games

- Screaming and crying little people and very snotty big people.

- A shower for a women being married for the third time and a room full of man hating divorced women how were calculating the profit margin of the upcoming marriage and how long she would have to stay married to him in order to cash in. (I'm serious this happened). The marriage is now over and she has a new house.

- It was mandatory for me to pay a certain amount towards a group gift. a lower income person might have had trouble coming up with that amount, and there's no need to make someone feel bad about their financial situation. the other thing was

- The bride didn't come shake my hand or thank me. it wasn't a large shower - a little more thoughtfulness goes a long way

- I again did not know anyone and barely new the bride and I was left sitting in a corner until I felt it was time to leave. I hated every minute of it. If you have someone at your bridal shower you barely know, take the time to get to know them PLEASE.

- The worst one was the shower I wasn't invited to, but should have been -- was surprised to hear from a friend that the shower had happened and they hadn't invited me! -- long story but it brought up some ugly stuff

- The shower was great but I didn't like being outside with no shade and no sunscreen.

- People who didn't know each other were left to their own devices. Lack of anything "fun" to do.

- This little princess opened for FOUR HOURS!!!! There were 130 women in an atrium, mid afternoon...think sweating your ass off!! (and this one did not thank anyone, just kept the assembly line of BMS passing the gifts as she sat in a "princess chair" passing them to her MOH who announced over a microphone at a podium what the gift was.

- We played games and one of them was putting a pencil in a beer bottle that was tied to a string that was tied to your waist. (You couldn't use your hands.) I didn't like that at all, people looking at you and laughing while you look like an a$$. No thanks!

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