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Congratulations Hun!! Your friend must think very highly of you. It’s hard enough for the bride to choose a small group of women to stand at her side but to pick that one special person, the one that will lead the group, is a huge honour…hence the title.

Being an MOH comes with expectations from the bride and those that will see you during the planning stages and on the wedding day. That’s right, people will also be watching you.

The title also comes with expenses. An MOH can spend anywhere from $300.00 to $1000.00+. The totals will all depend on formality of the wedding, cultural background, size of wedding, your dress, bridesmaid’s participation and your budget.

If there is any reason why the two of you should not be joined as bride and MOH, speak now or forever hold your peace. Meaning, if you don’t have the time or money, there’s nothing wrong with backing down. Talk to the bride about your concerns…after all, she’s your best friend.


  • Go wedding gown shopping with the bride and be honest when she steps out of the changing room.
  • Help select bridesmaid’s dresses, pay for your dress & accessories.
  • Call all the bridesmaids when it’s time for shopping and fittings.
  • Help address invitations.
  • Help wrap and tag guest favours/Bombonniere.
  • Host a bridal shower or stagette with other bridesmaids. If one of the mom’s is hosting, lend a hand where needed.
  • Address and send shower invitations.
  • Take RSVP’s for shower.
  • Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Help decorate ceremony and reception locations if necessary.
  • Helps the bride get dressed on her wedding day.
  • It’s your duty to make sure the bride’s veil and train looks nice before and during the ceremony. The photographer can’t stop taking pictures during this time and he/she can’t go up on the altar to straighten out the bride…only you can. Guests will expect this from you.
  • Holds the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony.
  • Keeps the groom’s wedding ring until the ring exchange, unless the best man or ring bearer are holding them.
  • Stand in the receiving line (optional).
  • Will sit to the bride’s right at the reception.
  • Signs the marriage certificate as a witness.
  • Bustles the bride’s train before reception begins.
  • Dance with the best man.
  • Help the best man bring the gifts to the bride and groom’s home
  • Help with clean up after reception.

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