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All photographs supplied by
Elementz of Fotographie

Picture Magnet Favours
Article Submitted by DonnaLee

List of materials:

½ inch magnets (Michael's)
½ inch circle hole punch (Michael's)
Crafter's goop (Michael's)
Stock paper (I have lots in my scrapbook supplies)
Small photos or pictures
Clear glass rocks, flat on one side (dollar store or Michael's)

Step-by-step instructions:

I used the ½ inch magnets as I already had the ½ inch hole punch

You can also use larger magnets and glass rocks if you want to

For the family photo ones, I used the sheet that you get from Wal-Mart when you have digital pictures developed there, it's a one page photo sheet with small versions of all your pictures (instead of negatives)

For the word magnets I cut out the words from magazines

For the wedding I am going to do a variety of things on the computer (our names and wedding dates, a picture of the claddagh and the words "Love"  "Loyalty" and "Friendship"

1.  I started by assembling the card stock onto the magnets

With the first few I tried you could see the magnet through the picture.

Use the ½ inch circle hole punch to cut circles from the card stock

Use the crafter's goop to glue the circles to the magnet

I assembled all the magnets before putting the pictures on and gave them some time to dry in between, again with the first few I tried, I didn't give the glue enough time to set and when I tried to attach the picture, the card stock slid around on the magnet!

2. Use the crafter's goop to attach your picture to the card stock & magnet

Allow the pictures time to dry before adding the glass stone

Use the crafter's goop to attach the stone to the picture - use a small amount of goop here - as you press the stone onto the picture, you can see the goop spreading to the sides of the picture, if you use too much goop, it comes out the sides and makes it messy (I learned the right amount with trial and error)

Make sure you press firmly enough on the stone to spread the goop to all sides of the stone or you could end up with bubbles

Give the magnets time to dry again before moving them around too much

What I learned by trial and error:

Don't use too much goop at any stage of this craft - it gets everywhere

Put newspaper on the table before you start J

The goop is a little smelly, make sure the room is well ventilated

Discourage your dog from trying to steal the glass stones from the table (I don't know what it is that my dog loves about rocks!!)

I might also suggest buying the glass stones from Michael's - the ones I got at the dollar store were great for trial magnets, but they tended to have a few bubbles, cracks in the glass itself

I am not a very crafty person, but this was fun and not too time consuming

I also think they will make nice gifts wrapped in tins for the wedding party

Happy crafting!!

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