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Before we get to the games, a word of advice. When it's time for you to kiss each other, you must stand up. No sitting. No little pecks. No rolling eyes. Make it look like you're enjoying yourselves and the company of your guests. Okay, let the games begin....


On cards or small pieces of paper, write out a bunch of question that have to do with the bride and groom and place them in a bag, box, any container will do. If the question is answered correctly, the bride and groom kiss. If the question is answered incorrectly, you have 2 options: no kisses and the guest takes his seat or you penalize him by getting him to do something.

A - you could keep the questions on the podium and any guest can grab the microphone to read the question and answer it.

B - you could keep the container on the head table, the guest would walk up and pick a question but the MC would read it.

C - A table could just yell, "TRIVIA!" and your MC would ask that table the question.

  • What is the bride's and/or groom's middle name (if either of you have one)
  • Where did the bride and groom meet?
  • How many people are at this wedding
  • On what date did the bride and groom get engaged?
  • Where are the bride and groom going on their honeymoon?
  • What is the bride's Dad’s name?
  • Where does the couple live?
  • How many pets do they have?
  • Where did they meet?
  • How many inches taller than the bride is the groom?
  • Where was the engagement ring bought?
  • As of today, how many years have they been together?
  • What was the first ‘change’ the bride made in the groom's life?
  • What was the name of the innocent feline who gave its life so the couple could live together?
  • If the bride had been married when she was five years old, ‘who’ would she have wanted to marry?
  • Where did the groom go to High School?
  • Which of the guests (not a family member) has the groom known the longest?


I'm now trying to locate a little kids beanbag toss game. You know the ones where there's a box with flaps with X's & O's on them and you toss the beanbags into them. If I find one of these I want to paint each flap with a different picture (sort like kissing dice) and then people will have to do what that flap says.


A- I have also seen little silver (or gold for that matter) bells that can be put at each place setting with a little card explaining the purpose of it. This way no glasses get broken

B- We had tiny little bells on the guests tables, and every time the DJ played "RING MY BELL" the whole room went nuts...we ended up kissing more then we had dinner...not that I am complaining


One person from a table goes to pick the piece of paper with the word or phrase on it and has to act it out for their table to guess


Pick a charity that has special meaning to you, put a donation can on the head table. Your guests will have to pay if they want to see you kiss. One Babbler's idea is, for every $1 given to charity we will kiss for 1 second


People pick up different items with chopsticks. The harder the item to pick up the better the kiss. Have the 3 levels of difficulty separated on a banquet table and set up on the dance floor. Put tent cards with the titles of the levels. Once an object has been picked up, it is removed from the table.
Easy items: golf ball, another chopstick, a flower
Medium Items: a single grain of rice, a ring, a grape
Hard items: a heavy book, something slippery, a CD, a piece of paper, a coin, a marble


If you're not into games and want to keep it simple and easy, stick with tradition. Your guests will only clink their glasses 4 or 5 times maximum.


A - Couples get up and stand in front of the head table and kiss. The bride and groom have to copy whatever their guests did...everything!

B - We put all the names of couples in a hat with ours in there 25% of the time. Each time glasses were clinked, the MC pulled a couple's name and they showed us how to kiss. Everybody seemed to like it


A guest has to go up to the microphone and tell a clean joke. If you are having an "Adult" reception, the choice is yours whether you want to allow any joke. You might put a "no swearing" rule in though.


People make their own paper airplanes and then they have to sail them across the room and land on a certain spot (perhaps on the head table or another target!). If they succeed, we will gladly oblige them with a kiss!!!


Each table has an envelope on it that is sealed. The envelopes contain things that each "table" has to do to get the bride & groom to kiss (i.e.; everyone do the Hokey Pokey, everyone do body shots etc....). The wedding party members are the judges and have large cards with numbers on them. After each performance everyone at the head table holds up their scores for all to see (like figure skating judges do)


Place a putting green in the middle of the dance floor. If the guest gets a whole in one, the bride and groom kiss


Leave a hula-hoop in the middle of the dance floor. The guest must hula using his waist and the couple has to kiss for as long as the hula is spinning


Very large dice, that are as soft as a pillows. Normally there are numbers on 4 sides and lips on 2. A guest rolls the die and if it falls on a lip, the bride and groom kiss. There are many variations to this game when the dice falls on 1, 2, 3 or 4:

A - The guest has to go around the room and kiss the same number of people as the number he rolled

B - The couple or DJ has already decided what action each number represents:

  1. give marital advice
  2. another couple in the room had to kiss (DJ or MC has a list of names)
  3. try again
  4. answer a trivia question about the B&G, if they are right, the B&G kiss.


  1. do a shooter
  2. do a tap dance (DJ has a River Dance CD ready to go)

And so on. You can get your guests to do anything you like, well almost anything.


Our guests had to write a limerick and come up and read it. We had them do it as table groups and it was a great way to get people who didn't know each other talking to other people at their table. People got really into it and some of the tables got competitive with each other. Plus I collected all the limericks and put them in my scrapbook. It's a great memento.


Guests will spin so see whether we kiss or whether they 1) make a toast to us, 2) donate to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, 3) drink a shot of liquor at the bar or 4)-hula hoop for 30 seconds.


Guests pick a card and remove the body part stated. If they succeed without having the buzzer go off, the bride & groom kiss. If they fail, they must kiss their date's body part, i.e. if their card said knee then they'd have to kiss their dates knee, etc. FUN!


Place a paper and pen at each table. Each table has to write a love poem, then come up to the podium to read it. Make sure that the poems are collected immediately after they have been read. Your MC or the wedding party member sitting closest to the podium could have that job.


A whole table stands up and starts singing. When they finish serenading you, time to kiss


We are going to name our tables with titles of things that are important to us, like: the street name of our first house, where he proposed, the name of the place where we met and so on. If people want us to kiss, they have to come up and tell us the story behind the table name.


We had our guests come up to the microphone and give us a piece of wedding advice. The better the advice, the better the kiss. I was amazed at what kind of advice people came up with ~ some were very hilarious! It was great!

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