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All photographs supplied by
Elementz of Fotographie

I purchased most of the materials for this craft at Michaels and spent less than $100 for 15 centrepieces.


  1. Ivy Bowls @ $1.50 each
  2. Ribbon @ $6.50 each (about 1-2 inches thick - I did not use a wire edged ribbon)
  3. Floral Wire @ $1 per roll (used only a bit of the roll - there's so much)
  4. Scissors - You only need household scissors to cut the thin floral wire
  5. Acrylic Paint @ $2 for a 59 ml. bottle - again, I only used a bit - LOTS OF LEFT OVERS
  6. Paint Brush @ $1 (dollar store)
  7. Marbles @ $3.99 a package (used 1/2 a package per bowl)
  8. Candles @ $1-2 each
  9. Bow Master - Rent it from Darsi !!!! - note I used 4 pronges to make my little bows)
  10. Clear Nail Polish - I'm sure it's in everyon'es bathroom drawer!!


Paint the scalloped edge of an ivy bowl with a colour of your choice - I painted the edges gold and it made them look so classy! (Finish the paint with a clear nail polish if you don't want the paint to dissolve in water.) Make a bow with the bow master. I used about 20 inches of floral wire per bow, but it really depends on how big the neck of your ivy bowl is. I used between 16 and 18 inches of ribbon per bow, this was 3 rolls for 20 bows. Follow the bow making instructions, and attach the bow around the neck of the ivy bowl by wrapping the wire and twisting it at the end. Just snip the excess wire and fold it into the neck. Gently drop the marbles into the bottom of the bowl (dumping them in will chip them). I used half a bag of marbles per bowl (7 bags for 15 centrepieces). Put a 1-2 inch candle in the bottom in the marbles and it is all ready!!


  • Fill the bowl with the marbles like in the instructions above, and then fill the bowl with water (3/4 full or until desired) and place a floating candle in the water!
  • Using a stencil or freehand, paint the ivy bowl with acryllic paints so that the bowls look like stained glass!!! (you need a really steady hand!) (Don't buy the 'stained glass' paint, its too light!)

So those are the instructions. Fairly easy to make with little effort and time. I just sat in front of the TV!!!

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