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Article submitted by Michelle N. Smith of
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You have planned the perfect day, at the perfect time, with the perfect person….so, what’s missing? The perfect honeymoon!

Everyone knows that planning a wedding can be expensive. After dishing out the money for the reception and the limo, the flowers and the dress, it is easy to forget about the importance and cost of the honeymoon.

Starting your very own customized honeymoon registry is the new trend that has brides and grooms, around the world, excited. Just like registering for china and towels at a local department store, you can now pick the essentials for your dream vacation, and have your guests give you what you really want…memories! The best part is it can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

Couples everywhere are logging on to start their own website, create a wedding blog, post pictures and create their very own dream honeymoon registry. From choosing their dream location, to holiday excursions, meals, spa treatments, even luggage, the options are endless.

“Our dream honeymoon was to go to Bora Bora”, says Nadia, “there was no way we could afford it ourselves and we didn’t want to ask our guests for cash. The honeymoon registry was the perfect alternative. We registered for our dream and now our dream is coming true.”

Brides and grooms are finding out that within a few minutes they too can have their own customized registry. They can pick where they want to go and when they want to leave, they can choose what they want to do, what they want to see, they can even print out their very own invitation inclusion cards or send out email blasts to inform their guests of their choices.

Maybe the flight to your dream destination will cost $1000, so register for 10 gifts of $100 or maybe 20 gifts of $50….it is up to you….you choose the denomination, you choose the quantity! Best of all there is no commitment…cash out at anytime! The cash is yours to put toward what you want, when you want. So what if you forget to request the cash before the wedding, the money will automatically be mailed 5 days before the wedding. Your registry will then remain open for 3 months, allowing you to collect even after the wedding. Honeymoon registries make it so easy, it is no wonder the idea is taking off.

After all your hard work organizing all the details and planning the perfect day, give yourselves the gift of a honeymoon. Within minutes you can have your very own registry and make your dreams come true. You are going to get gifts, so why not get what you really want from your guests and build the chance to make your dreams into memories.

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