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Must-Haves for your Post-Wedding Get-away

Article submitted by Kirsch Cosmetic Clinic -

The whirlwind excitement of your wedding day can often supersede the attention paid to your honeymoon. And we all know it's no fun to realize upon landing that we have forgotten our essential beauty items, not to mention our absolute favourites that help keep us looking great. Besides the undue stress this may cause on your first trip as a "married", the cost to replace these items at an island resort can be fairly costly, and may not contain the ingredients you need. if you can find them at all.

Purchase a set of small plastic squeeze bottles and fill them with products your skin is used to will guarantee a "break-out free" face while you're away.

- Cleanser

- Moisturizer

- Shampoo

- Conditioner

- Body wash

Sunscreen is an absolute must if you are going somewhere warm and a mini nail kit will help you keep your hands soft, subtle and well-groomed.

Applying all or one of these items can add the quick beauty fix you need to be ready for a romantic lunch, dinner or walk on the beach.

- Waterproof mascara

- Lip-gloss

- Light weight powder foundation

- Blush and/or bronzer

- Eyeshadow

The thing many people forget, but should definitely remember. is to bring some short handled makeup brushes that will easily fit in your beach bag or evening purse. Important brushes to include are:

- A blush/bronzer brush (use for both)

- A flat brush for eye shadow

- The doubled ended liner and shadow crease area brush.

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