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All photographs supplied by
Elementz of Fotographie

Materials Needed

Perma Enamel Paint for Glass and Tile
Perma Enamel Surface Conditioner
Perma Enamel Glaze
Paint Brushes
Scotch Tape
Wine Glasses

Because I was only doing a smaller amount of wine glasses I was able to just purchase a kit with all the things needed. I did ten projects with it and still have some left over. But you can buy bigger bottles for bigger projects.


  1. Clean the wine glasses of any dust or dirt
  2. If unsure of doing design free hand cut a piece of paper that will fit inside the wine glass and draw design on it
  3. Attach design to the inside of the wine glass
  4. Follow the instructions on the pack age
  5. Prep the glasses with surface conditioner
  6. Wait for that to dry
  7. Then paint on design
  8. Let dry (the package says for an hour, I recommend 24 hours)
  9. Apply glaze top coat
  10. Wait for it to dry then apply second coat
  11. Do not wash the project for at least ten days after final glaze

The finished product!

These are to be dishwasher and oven safe. Which means if you would like to use the paint to do other projects such as votive holders it won't cause harm.

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