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Guest Pen and Holder
Article Submitted by Bearsbride

I wanted something unique, but it had to be frugal (of course). Nothing I saw ready-made appealed to me so I went to Michael's Craft store and bought a simple white guest pen in an acrylic base (9.99), a wooden block (.49), some white spray paint (4.29) and used some of the ribbon I bought to decorate my reception.

1. Removed the pen from the base and bought a longer screw (.24).

2. Drilled a hole in the center of the wood block and spray painted it white.

3. Attached the pen holder to the wood block.

4. Used a hot glue gun to attach pieces of the ribbon to the block. I wove them in a basket-weave pattern in one corner.

5. Glued on 3 cardstock maple leaves that were left over from my DIY invitations.

Voila! Guest pen holder is finished. I think it looks awesome and matches my decor and invites perfectly!

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