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As the groom you have 2 speeches to make. One at the rehearsal dinner and one at the reception speech. We will give you ideas and samples on what to include in your speeches. You don't have to use exactly what's on this page. Your situation and speech will ultimately be from your heart.

Rehearsal Dinner

This one is easy because there won't be as many guests here and you'll know most of them quite well.

To start a greeting, "I'm very happy to be around the people that mean so much, tonight"

Thank your parents, "I'd like to thank my parents for throwing us this party and for all the support and patience they've shown me during the wedding planning. (Look at your parents) The two of you mean so much to me and I want you to know that even though I don't mention it as much as I should, I love and respect you and appreciate everything you've done for me from the time I can remember."

Thank out-of-town guests, "A special thanks to all of you who have travelled a long distance to witness this event." If you like, you can speak about a couple of your guests, "I still remember when I used to go up to Uncle Jerry's cottage."

Thank the wedding party. You can introduce them, so that your guests will know who everyone is. "Our wedding party, what can I say but thank you for standing by us and for all your help. I'd like to thank the girls for helping with the decorations, invitations and for keeping my fiancé as calm as possible. You guys, my buddies...I'd like to thank you for not remembering what happened at the stag and for getting me home safely." You can add stories of your adventures with these guys, talk about how long you've known them for. If you know the girls well, you can throw a couple of stories in about them too.

Thank the bride's parents, "Mary's (bride) parents have made me feel very welcome in their home, lately and I want to thank them. It wasn't always like that. The first time I meet them........(tell the story)"

Thank your bride, "Mary, words can not describe the way I feel about you. You've made me the happiest man alive and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you." You can fill in the rest.

Keep the rehearsal thank yous short because you still need material for your reception speech. You'll be thanking the same people again only for a bigger audience.

The Reception Speech

If you are very nervous have a couple of drinks. A couple, don't be drunk when you make the speech, it won't be sincere and you'll probably make a fool out of yourself. With either of the speeches you can be funny and sentimental. Also because the bride is not required to do a speech, include her when thanking others. Other than the opening you can change the order of topics so that you feel more comfortable. Don't forget to look at the people you're talking about.

Greet your guests, "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I'm the groom. I'd like you to know how much Mary and I appreciate that you could join us on our wedding day.

Tell your audience briefly about your day and ease into thanking your wife, "Today turned out to be a lot better than I expected. As you can imagine, I didn't get much sleep last night and first thing this morning I had 10 people around my bed telling me what to do. I was really nervous until I saw my beautiful bride/wife walking down the aisle towards me. No words have ever come out of my mouth so easily as the "I do's" I said today. This girl has put up with all my faults and trained me, so that I could be the perfect husband." You can talk about the first time you met or a funny story or straight from your heart.

Thank her parents, "If it wasn't for my in-laws we'd be having this in a barn right know and I'd be standing on a bail of hay. I'd still be very happy though because they raised the woman of my dreams and I'm glad to finally be officially a part of their family."

Thank your parents, "Mom and Dad, I want to thank you for.........". Be sincere, these are the people that have done everything for you. Don't be afraid or feel embarrassed to shed a tear. This thank you will remain with them forever and its always nice that their friends can hear how much you love them and what great parents they've been.

Thank the bridal party, "I want everyone to know how much these ladies have helped us with putting this wedding together and making it look so nice. We couldn't have done it without them. Stand up and take a bow, girls."

Your groomsmen, "I want to thank you guys for all the years of fun we had and if my wife lets me, all the good times that are still to follow. I couldn't have picked a better bunch of men to stand by me today or to call my friends." Add stories about your single life and things you did with your buddies. Talk about how cool all of you thought you were but don't mention anything about other women if your planning to stay married.

Your closing can be a toast either to your wife or your mother, this is a special day for her too. If you choose your mom let your wife know before hand. "I'd like to propose a toast to the woman that has meant everything to me. The one that changed my diapers, put me on the school bus every morning and has been there for me ever since.To my mom, cheers"

You're done, my dear, you can go over and kiss your mother or kiss your wife and take your seat.


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