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Well hello there Mr. Groom-to-be. How do you like our title - Groom's Day Planner, you know kinda like a play on words - Doomsday. HAHAHAHAHA. Well okay fine, we thought it was funny.

On a more serious note though, this section has a comprehensive list of things that you may need to know as an upcoming groom-to-be. We can start you right at the beginning from proposing the right way, buying the ring of her dreams and being the man of her dreams. We've given you a monthly planner that sorts the "Order of Things" so you can keep track of what has to be done next, because contrary to popular opinion, most brides want your help. How about picking your wedding party? We've got tips for that too!! And we don't want to forget that tried and true tradition, the Bachelor Party, but what we have for you are some untraditional ideas.

So take a close look at all the sections you have available to you. We will be constantly adding sections as we go along and most definitely, if you think of anything, let us know we need to add it. Just like with the bride's, your are no different, we are here to make the whole process easier for you. Ciao for now handsome from the ladies at The Frugal Bride.

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