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Here we are again!! And guess what we're going to talk about AGAIN!! Money, Money, Money. That's right, more money talk. We can't stress enough how important it is to budget your money. So even though we have developed a fairly comprehensive budget under the Brides' Day Planner section, we still want to give you an idea of what you should consider yourself responsible for so that you can have some idea of what YOUR budget should be. SO HERE GOES NOTHING!!

The Rehearsal Dinner

All expenses from flowers to food


The bride's engagement and wedding ring.


A wedding gift for the bride - this is not an absolute requirement, but it's a nice old tradition that allows you to let her know how special she really is. The gift should be chosen with thought and care, with a sense of timelessness to it. Don't buy her the old standby, like perfume, lingerie, etc. Be original!! You are also responsible for the gifts for each of your Groomsmen.


The bride's bouquet, the bride's going-away corsage (only if she is planning on wearing a going away outfit), corsages for the immediate family members and boutonnieres for your attendants.


Your own tuxedo, whether you rent or buy, and the ties, gloves, and cumberbunds for the attendants if they are not included with their outfits.

Lodging & Transportation

Accommodations for out-of-town groomsmen and for yourself, if necessary. Transportation for you and your groomsmen to the ceremony and the same for your parents.


It is generally thought that the groom is responsible for the cost of the marriage license and the officiants fee.

The Honeymoon

The whole shibang is your responsibility honey, so be sure to make it a time you'll never forget!

Of course, the above are just general guidelines and every couple will make their own decisions on who is responsible for what. We actually think it is easier to first find out what you can afford together and then just go ahead and plan everything coming from the one budget, but whatever works best for you and your lovely bride! TOODLES!

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