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I’m not letting out any big secret, the economy around the world is terrible. We have decided to lower our advertising rates until there is a change in the tides. These econonic down turns happen every decade or so. Hang in there folks, things will get better. Hope everyone is holding up okay.


Stats for this month will be featured at the end of the month:

Visits: 20.328

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Pageviews: 117.697




Frugal Bride Semi-Annual advertising promotion is in effect and runs until the end of May. See our advertising page for details.


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April 8: Another Easter filled with chocolate bunnies and candies. Needless to say, I gained a few pounds during Easter week. Our family did dinner differently this year. Instead of having a turkey or roast, we had a pasta buffet consisting of fettucini with tomato sauce and your choice of 10 different toppings (sausage, meatballs, mushrooms, peppers, etc)


April 14th: Judy and I shot a wedding at Caffino Restaurant in Liberty Village. This place is great for a small wedding and the food is always awesome.


April 29: We shot a Greek/Estonian wedding at Hazelton Manor . The bride is a wedding photographer. This couple will have 1000′s of pictures. It was like paparazzi central. Their ceremony was at St. Nicholas. I have to say, shooting at a Greek Church is fabulous! The priests let the photographers do whatever they like. You can actually get right on the altar and get incredible ceremony shots of the expressions on the couple’s faces.


The rest of the month was filled with shoot boudoirs and running Frugal Bride.


Visits: 15,134

Unique Visitors: 7,372

Pageviews: 81,937



Spring is finally here. What a great March Break!


On March 17th Frugal Bride celebrated it’s 12th anniversary. Time has flown by.


Visits: 16,543

Unique Visitors: 7,642

Pageviews: 96,186



 We finally got our site stats in order. That only took 10 months.

Visits: 23, 763

Unique Visitors: 13,487

Pageviews: 161,187


FB has started up our Free Reciprocal Link program again. You can find details on all our advertising packages at http://www.frugalbride.com/advertise-with-us


We’ve added a “Vendor of the Day” feature box to our homepage.


If you have a Basic Listing or Banner package with us, please be sure to send darsi@frugalbride.com your Blog, Twitter and Facebook links so that they can be added to your listing.


Judy News:
Judy is  really busy with her boudoirs because the Living Social voucher from last year’s special is ending soon. She’s also been watching a few online workshops on different aspects of photography.


Judy’s dog, Gracie, pulled her down the stairs. Don’t worry, she didn’t get hurt but boy oh boy was she ever embarrassed. There were a bunch of construction men standing there and saw the whole thing go down. They came to her rescue and she batted her eyes a bit and sauntered off.


Darsi News:

Nothing exciting this month for me. Everything revolves around my kids.


Bianca turned 23 in February and has moved in with her boyfriend. So this month has been busy with getting all her stuff packed and out.


Martino is making up his list of decorating requests for his bachelor pad. He’s 15 and has taken over the whole top floor of the house. His friends think he’s the bomb. OMG!


We closed our blogspot and created this section so that you can keep up with what’s going on with Judy, me and FB in one place.

We finally got all our Google ad stuff in order and everything is working like it should.


The only thing we’re still working on is a stats program that will include the forum, the article pages and the vendor listing directory. These 3 sections are separated on different servers, so getting comprehensive stats has been a pain in the butt.


Our Checklists and Worksheets now have PDF files that you can download, making it easier for you to use them. Click on the TOOLS tab at the top of the page to see files.
Judy News:
Judy moved into her new photo studio this month. She’s super happy with it. This is where she does the majority of her boudoirs and sizzle sessions. Here’s a picture.


Darsi News:
Other than working as Judy’s assistant in the boudoir biz, this month was full of doctor’s appointments. Don’t worry, just the yearly physical stuff, plus a few extras because I’m pushing 50, like: a mammogram, a stress test and a colonoscopy. All tests came back great. I’m a picture of health :-D

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