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We realize what a brain buster choosing the right bomboniere/favour can be. By the way, Bombonieri is a term used by many European cultures and has become a pretty mainstream "wedding" word that means the same as Favour. Why spend big money on something that probably won't be used. Now, it's not law that you have to give favours, it's just a nice way of thanking your guests for coming. It's not necessary that your favour be a souvenir that lasts forever. For example, if you are using potted plants to decorate your venue, buy a few extras so that your guests can take them home. You could attach a small thank you card to each plant beforehand.

Do us a small favour and go to a "dollar store" first, just to see if something catches your eye. If you are having a themed wedding, it's an added touch if the Bombonieri matchs your theme or if the wrapping matches your wedding colours. Here's a list of some ideas, with more to come.

Many of the suggestions below can be used for both showers and weddings. You can give one favour per guest or per family. You can give more then one favour. You can monogram it or leave it generic. You can make it or buy it. Have the company wrap, tag and decorate it or you can do it.

FB Warning: Because of liquor by-laws, ask your reception venue if you can give wine or other alcohol as favours/bomboniere. Some allow it and some don't.


Use it….
. Candy Dish
· Ice Bucket
· Wine Glasses
· Shot Glasses
· Champagne Flutes
· Cognac Glasses
· Bath-Bombs
· Lottery Tickets
· Pill Boxes
· Bottle Opener
· Incense
· Umbrellas
· Chop Sticks
· Tea Cups
· Clay Teapots
· Rice Bowls
· Key Chains
· Coffee Mugs
· Espresso Cups
· Espresso Spoons
· Cake Serving Set
· Cream and Sugar Serving Set
· Sugar Bowl & Spoon
· Place Card Holders
· Wind Chimes
· Mini Oil Lamps
· Napkin Holders
· Mini Candelabra
· Candles

Eat or Drink it…
· Watchmaker Tins w/candies
· Mason Jars filled w/anything
· Ice Wine
· Maple Sugar Candies
· Maple Syrup
· Candy Apples
· Fudge
· Jams
· Jelly's
· Flavoured Tea Bags
· Flavoured Coffee
· Truffles

Make it or maybe not…
· Family Recipe Book
· Wine
· Flavoured Vinegar
· Flavoured Oil
· Mixed Spices
· BBQ Sauce
· Cookies
· Candies
· Sun Catchers
· Potpourri Sackets
· Soap
· Soap Dish
· Christmas Ornaments
· Book Marks
· Trinket Boxes

Personalize it…
· Fans
· Playing Cards
· Calendars
· CDs
· Golf Balls
· Golf Tees
· Tennis Balls
· Hockey Pucks
· Stamps
· Address Book
· Bottle of Wine
· Note Pads
· Map Book
· Pens & Pencils
· Wine Glasses
· Chocolate Bars
· Truffles
· Fruit Cake
· Wedding Cake
· Grooms Cake

Plant it…
· Evergreen Trees
· Ivy Plants
· Mini Topiary Trees
· Flower Bulbs
· Seedlings
· Packets of Flower Seeds


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