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All photographs supplied by
Elementz of Fotographie

Registering helps to make sure you don’t receive many of the same gifts. It is also the perfect way to get exactly what you want.

Here are some tips that you may find helpful.

Don’t settle…

  • Many stores are beginning to offer a registry service, as the days of one traditional store are becoming less popular
  • Make an extensive list of what it is you really need and want
  • Don’t be afraid to register at more than one store, this practice is perfectly acceptable and it helps ensure that your gifts are well suited to you
  • Do something different that fits your personality and lifestyle; many galleries, artisans and specialty boutiques offer registries for unique handmade gifts
  • Choose items in a variety of prices to make gifts accessible for all budgets
  • You should choose more gifts than guests to allow for more choice
  • Inquire how long your registry will be available as many guests like to choose holiday and anniversary gifts from a couples registry all through their first year of marriage

Choose wisely…

  • When choosing your dinnerware, flat ware and stemware try to avoid the temptation of picking something too wild or trendy especially if you are only registering for one set. Classic simple pieces that can be mix and matched are always more practical and there is less chance that you will grow tired of them.
  • Do you really need an electric and manual pasta machine? If you are choosing things just to have enough gifts for guests to buy consider a second registry to avoid ending up with cluttered cupboards and future garage sale items
  • Think ahead, if you know down the line you will be redecorating or moving to a larger space consider choosing extra towels for example possibly in a neutral shade or in a colour that you plan to use.
  • Beware of friendly or pushy “advice” from sales people, remember their bottom line is to sell. It is a good idea to visit the store with your fiancé and take a good look around so you can make a plan before completely the registry. There will be less chance that you will get talked into something you are not sure of this way.

Registry alternatives…

Have everything you need?
Some travel agencies or financial institutions will set up fund accounts where monetary gifts can be donated to put towards a “honeymoon” or “home down payment” registry.

Looking for something different?
Look into some local artisans or galleries and ask what services they offer. This is a great way to start an art collection early and to end up with beautiful gifts that are one of a kind!

To busy to do it all?
Research the idea of on line registries, many websites offer a convenient service that you can do from home. This can save you a lot of work and time in the long run.

Most of all have fun!!! Registering shouldn’t be stressful, it should be an exciting and pleasurable experience if you find what is right for you!

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