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Bridal Beauty - How to Choose a Hairstyle
Article submitted by the Susan of Total Image by Susan

As a bride, your desire is to dazzle with perfect hair. But what does that means for you?

There are so many Bridal hairstyles to consider coupled with well intended advice from friends and family that is can be confusing. Just take a breath and remember on this day your bridal look should have your unique beauty stamp - a reflection of your taste and personality. Feel comfortable and confident knowing this is the best you have ever looked.

So where do you start?

* Gather ideas of hairstyles from bridal magazines and web sites. Analyze the style of your gown. A ball gown, with romantic details may lead you to soft, long flowing waves, or up in unstructured loose curls. A gown with a classic slim silhouette may dictate a sleek, smooth hairstyle or a simple French Twist made modern by adding a fresh flower.

* Consider the time, style, theme and location of your wedding. Is this an afternoon garden party with a casual flavor, or a black tie event with the formality of a ball room? Are you wearing a tiara, and planning to remove the veil after the ceremony? All of these factors will impact your choice for a hair style. With afternoon weddings, you may feel comfortable wearing your hair down in simple styles, or up in a carefree unstructured do, almost as if you had done it yourself. With evening weddings, you may prefer elegant, sleek, sophisticated up do's.

* Analyze your face shape, hair texture and length. Streamlined, graceful necks are flattered with up do's. Long narrow face shapes are better complimented with full soft curls framing your jaw and neckline. If your ears protrude, you may want to wear your hair down. To ensure your hair looks the very best, use a conditioner in the weeks leading up the big day. Avoid drastic changes in hair color. Color can applied at least 1 week prior, especially if there are some gray hairs to cover. Streaks can be added up to a week before to the top as well as underside of your hair, as this will show when pulled up. Have your ends trimmed and apply a shine serum to promote shine and a healthy look.

* Book a consultation for a complete run through. Provide images of your gown, and hairstyles you admire as well as your veil. Or shop after this appointment for the veil with your bridal do.

Choosing a veil to compliment your hairstyle

*When choosing a veil, headpiece, or tiara, remember your hair texture. Tiaras come in many sizes, widths and weight, so choose one that fits well and feels comfortable as you will have this in your hair for hours. Anything too tight can cause a headache.

*Fine hair is unlikely to support a large heavy tiara, and may better accommodate a satin covered head band, pearl pins, or a small spray of fresh flowers.

*Are you planning to remove your veil after the ceremony or leave it in place? This will impact you hair style choice. A soft loose arrangement of curls can be crushed with the weight of a veil. If you plan to remove the veil, ensure this is easy for you to do without disrupting the do.

* Consider the height of your husband to be - will you appear taller if your hair is worn up, with a veil attached at the crown of your head?

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers will compliment any hairstyle. Floral stems should be wired and wrapped. Choose a flower that appears in your bouquet, in a small spray or one individual large bloom such as an orchid. Speak with your florist to determine which flowers will last, will not be too fragrant, or can stain your gown.

Styles VS Length

*Short Styles

Short hair can be coaxed into a wedding do with styling pomade, wax or sculpting gel. A few curls can be created to the top with a curling iron. Add sparkle with pearl and crystal hair pins or a headband.

*Chin to shoulder length

If your hair is at least 4 inches long at your neckline, it can be pulled up in a carefree, unstructured up do. An alternative is to curl hair with an iron or hot rollers, brush loose, and spray lightly. One side can be brushed up and back and secured with a pearl comb.

* Long hair from shoulder length and longer

This length offers many choices for styles. Determine if you would feel more comfortable wearing it loose and down, or up and off your shoulders. Consider how long this day will be, and how your hair will hold up. Naturally straight hair when arranged in an up do, will stay in place for hours but avoid tendrils as they will probably droop over time. Naturally wavy hair can be worn either down, ½ up or completely up with loose tendrils and soft curls lasting for hours. Naturally curly hair can be calmed with an anti-frizz product and controlled with a head band, or pinned up randomly with soft curls escaping. For extremely thick hair styles in an up do, ask your stylist to distribute your hair evenly in at least 2 or 3 ponytails before arranging the curls. This will eliminate the potential for a headache. If wearing a veil, ensure the comb is metal as this slides easier onto thick curly hair.

Planning a Destination Wedding?

If the beach and warm sand will be your style, have it styled in soft waves, and secured with an organza ribbon. If you are ambitions and want to do it your self, wash and dry completely. Make a center or side part. Take a 3 inch section at the crown and backcomb with a narrow tooth comb. Smooth all hair back into a ponytail either in the middle of your neck, or to the side, and secure with a clear plastic band. Spay hair and smooth with your hand. Secure a native flower at the rubber band. Instant Bridal Glam!

Styles you can create

If you are limited by time or budget, there are simple styles you can create yourself.

Wash, condition, add your favorite styling products and dry your hair thoroughly.

* For a sleek style with volume, place mid size Velcro curlers all over, and leave in for 60 minutes. Remove curlers, and hand comb gently, and spray with a light to mid hold styling spray.

* For fullness with curls or waves, set with hot rollers, leave in for 20 minutes. Use metal U shaped clips to hold curlers in place as plastic clamps can leave a ridge. Brush out, arrange in curls, and spray. Secure with a satin ribbon or headband.

* For a low pony tail, blow dry straight, part on the side or in center, backcomb a 3 inch section on the top, comb smooth and secure back into a pony tail, either at the center of your neck, or off to one side. Add a flower, decorative pin or comb.

This is the day when everything should be perfect - especially you!

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