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All photographs supplied by
Elementz of Fotographie

Chinese Wedding Timeline Sample
Article submitted by Lisa at Hello DJ

Lisa & Paul's Wedding

Rehearsal:        Thursday August 23 rd , 2007 - 6 PM
Location:          Hart House Chapel (416) 978-2452
Dinner:               Toba Restaurant - 7 PM (416) 367-8622

------------------------------ ------------------------------ --------------------

Day Before:      Friday August 24 th , 2007

9:30 AM          Tee-off!  Groomsmen's Golf Tournament in Orangeville

1:00 PM          Bridesmaid's Spa & Luncheon @ Polish Beauty Bar

                        (416) 203-0014

                        Catering Delivery by Shopsy's Deli

12-5 PM          Table Linens delivered by Chairman Mills (416) 391-0400 ext.28
to Dynasty Restaurant to ATTN. of Alfred

4:30 PM          Pick-up Smart Car @ Discount - Atrium on Bay (416) 597-2222

5:00 PM          Check-in to The Park Hyatt  (416) 925-1234

6:00 PM          Dinner

8:00 PM          Stillwater Spa (416) 926-2389

8:45 PM          Massages @ Stillwater.aaaahhhhh

11 PM             Early to Bed!

------------------------------ ------------------------------ -----------

Wedding Day: Saturday August 25 th , 2007

Ceremony:      Oakview Terrace @ (905) 888-0606       
Reception:       Dynasty Chinese Cuisine
Contact:           Alfred @ (416) 923-3323

In the event of an emergency/crisis/need directions/are lost or late please call our wedding co-ordinator, Liz Wanless first @ (416) 789-0711, before calling the Bride & Groom.

7:45 AM          Wake-Up Call

8:00 AM          Room Service/Breakfast/Shower/Get Motoring.

8:00 AM          Amy arrives @ Park Hyatt to drop-off Red Corolla for Paul.  Paul leaves to get ready @ Dave's Condo.

                        Kristjan from Civello's arrives for Hair & Make-Up

9:00 AM          Paul & Dave depart for Oakview Terrace. 

                        Liz Wanless & Assistant of Great Events arrives @ Oakview Terrace to set-up bridal party survival kits, programs & receive floral delivery from Ladybug in the Village (416) 922-9971.

9:30 AM          Amy helps Lisa into her dress.

                        Michelle of hello DJ! arrives @ Oakview Terrace to set-up for the ceremony.  Table to be placed inside the chapel for her.

10:00 AM        Paul & Dave arrive @ Oakview Terrace

                        Bridal Party members begin to arrive.

                        Liz distributes extra schedules to anyone who needs one in BP.

                        German & Sofia arrive @ Oakview Terrace to set-up the parasols, aisle runner & to assist Michelle.

                        Lisa departs with Amy in the Smart Car.

10:30 AM        Liz Rubincam  & Tobi Asmoucha arrive & start photographs.

                        hello DJ! begins playing pre-ceremony music as first guests arrive.  Groomsmen to hand out programs to each family.

10:45 AM        Bride arrives at Oakview Terrace.  Pre-Ceremony pictures begin with the Wedding Party with Liz & Tobi.

                        Jeremy Citron (905) 681-6542 of All You Need is Love - Officiant arrives @ Oakview Terrace.

11:15 AM        Ceremony Begins - Regular Music

  • Felix is seated
  • Mom & Grandma are seated

Groomsmen's Processional Begins - Here Comes Your Man, The Pixies

  • Chris St. Onge
  • Bobby St. Onge
  • Christopher Kraemer
  • Randy Rattansingh
  • Jason Soo
  • Steve St. Onge
  • Paul St. Onge escorted by Elizabeth St. Onge

Bridesmaid's Processional Begins - New Slang, The Shins

  • Clara Rubincam
  • Bronwyn McLeod
  • Katie Matheson
  • Kerri Evans
  • Kathryn Thomas
  • Amy Ng escorted by David Gardner
  • Nicole Chen escorted by Andy Tham - Flower Girl/Jr. Groomsmen
  • Aidan Chu - Ring Bearer

Bridal March - Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Isreal K. (fade in to it as Aidan gets halfway up).  Jeremy will ask people to 'Please rise'.

  • Lisa Ng escorted by King Soon Ng

The Kiss - Do You Realize?, The Flaming Lips (fade in as soon as Jeremy says, "You may now kiss the Bride".  Fade down as he announces signing of the registry and fade back up during the signing).

Recessional - You're My First, My Last, My Everything, Barry White

Play out the rest of the CD with cocktail music.

11:45 AM        Group pictures to follow @ Oakview Terrace w/ hor's d'oeurves & punch.

                        hello DJ! re-positions speakers to face the main gardens for cocktails.

12:30 PM        Altar arrangements & Pomander Ball taken by Liz Wanless.  Aisle runner goes with German.  Parasols given to the Bridesmaids for pictures.

12:45 PM        Bridal Party re-groups.  Maps to Edwards Gardens & Survival Kits are distributed.

1:00 PM          Everyone & everything is off Oakview Terrace. 

1:30 PM          Bridal Party arrives @ Edwards Gardens (416) 392-8188 for photos w/ Liz & Tobi.

3:00 PM          Leave Edwards Gardens, back to Park Hyatt.  Bridal party check-in to their hotels.

                        Dave, Amy, German, Sofia (2 Cars) depart for Dave's condo to pick-up all wedding items to be transported to Dynasty site, which include:

· Guest Books & Polaroid Camera/Film @ sign-in table

· Bathroom Baskets to be placed in each washroom, with soap pump open and left out on the counter

· Candy Bar Items - Candy Bar Table

· Favours - Go onto each plate @ placesetting

· Hurricane Candles & Lollipop Pots/Placecards

· Children's 'Shut-up & Colour!' Activity Bags

· German brings his easel & entrance photo enlargement

3:45 PM          Lisa leaves for make-up touch-ups at Civello's Queen St.

                        (416) 977-7755.

4:00 PM          Make-up touch-ups w/ Kristjan

                        Michelle of hello DJ! arrives to set-up for the reception.  Table is alocated next to the head table.

                        Florist of Ladybug in the Village (416) 922-9971 delivers centrepieces.

                        Liz Wanless & Assistant arrives to oversee the tablecloths, tables & placesettings.  Bring escort cards, dinner & bar menus (2 of each place on opposite sides of Lazy Susan).  Centrepiece frames, floral vase & table card to form trio/montage in centre of Lazy Susan.  Liz also transfers the altar arrangements placed near head table & hangs pomander ball at entrance.  Extra floral vases to be placed in each washroom on the counter.  Liz goes over all final décor requirements.

                        Presentations 2 Go (905) 206-0391 arrives to set-up slideshow equipment.

                        Kim of hello Cakes! arrives to set-up wedding cake, groom's cake & decorates cake table.

4:30 PM          Paul & Lisa arrive @ Dynasty Restaurant, do final checks.

                        Bridal Party arrives at Dynasty.

5:00 PM          Cocktails & guest arrivals officially begin.  Lighting to be dimmed.  DJ starts cocktail CDs.  Assigned tasks:

  • Bobby & Kraemer - please help escort everyone to their tables.  There are 20 tables, if you could please help people find where they are sitting.
  • Chris & Annie - Entertain the 13 small children.  Kraemer to help make balloon animals.
  • Steve - Make sure all the slideshow equipment is good to go, test the laptop with the projector, make sure it works.  Help Michelle (DJ) if she needs anything.  Assist in seating guests, once complete.
  • Jason & Randy - guard the money box!  Amy will come by and periodically empty the box, just let her know when it gets a little full.  We don't want all of it sitting there at once.
  • Susan (Lisa's Cousin) - Will also help empty the money box/pay vendors.
  • Dave & Kerri - MC duties, prep & meet with Michelle, test mic etc.  Make sure you have lucky draw stuff, props, script ready.
  • Katie - Guestbook table, taking the polaroid pictures of guests
  • Amy - Guestbook table, grouping families and friends together for photo, helping with $ box.
  • Clara - Guestbook table, insert polaroids into guestbook and have guests sign the page.  We will have (2) guestbooks going at the same time to make sure it goes fast.  Non-smudge black pens provided.
  • Bronwyn - Escort Card table, help people find their card and make sure they take the card with them. 
  • Kathryn - Escort Card table, hand out activity bags to children attending.  Assist Bronwyn and the guestbook table if they need help.

6:05 PM          Line-up the Bridal Party.  All guests are asked to be seated by Michelle.

6:10 PM          Bridal Party Introductions by Michelle.

                        Song: Glamorous, Fergie

Bridesmaid :                    Escorted By :

Clara Rubincam                                            Christopher St. Onge

Bronwyn McLeod                                         Bobby St. Onge

Katie Mathson                                               Christopher Kraemer

Kerri Evans                                                      Randy Rattansingh

Kathryn Thomas                                             Jason Soo

Best Man - Steve St. Onge    &      Flower Girl - Nicole Chen
Ring Bearer - Aidan Chu       &       Jr. Groomsmen -  Andy Tham

Maid of Honour  - Amy Ng    &      Gentleman of Honour - David Gardner

"If everyone will please is my pleasure to introduce to you our bride & groom.Lisa & Paul"

6:15 PM          MCs introduce themselves, location of the washrooms, speeches will start near the end of dinner.  Candy Buffet will be open all night!  Bar will be re-open again at 9:30 PM.  MCs also note that the tables are named after places Lisa & Paul have travelled to and include a picture of them in each destination city.  The floral centrepiece & picture frame will be given away later on in the night.

                        Invite the Parents of the Bride - King & Hui Ng to give a toast

6:20 PM          Toast in Chinese & English by Lisa's Parents

                        MCs invite Parents of the Groom for their speech.

6:25 PM          Speech by Paul's Parents

                        MCs explain Spelling Bee to get the B&G to Kiss, have one volunteer from Bridal Party come up.  Tell everyone to enjoy dinner!

6:30 PM          Dinner Begins! - Roast Pig is served.

6:50 PM          Crabmeat Balls are served.          

7:00 PM          MCs explain Lucky Draw.  Red envelopes are distributed with pens & then collected by the MCs & helpers into large jar.  Amy Ng to translate into Chinese

7:10 PM          Phoenix Nest is served.

7:20 PM          MCs ask for more (2) Spelling Bee/Kissing Games volunteers, if people have NOT been coming up.

7:35 PM          Shark Fin Soup is served.

7:45 PM          Lisa changes into her red dress.

7:50 PM          MCs introduction - Lisa & Paul will do a small Tea Ceremony with both sets of Parents & Lisa's Grandma.  Tea ceremony music by DJ & 5 Chairs will be required & tea set!

7:55 PM          Abalone is served.

8:15  PM         Lobster is served.

8:30 PM          MCs - Newlywed Game (see list of questions).

8:35 PM          Fish is served.

8:40 PM          MCs invite Groomsmen - Jason, Kraemer, Randy for speech

8:45 PM          MCs Invite Bridesmaid - Kathryn Thomas for her speech

8:55 PM          Fried Chicken is served.

9:05 PM          MCs announce Centrepiece Giveaway Game for Floral Vase & Picture Frame on each table.  $5 Bill, Napkin, Lipstick.

                        Cake Cutting Ceremony to follow, please ask those to gather who want to take photos.  DJ plays - Love You Madly, Cake.

                        Amore Chocolate Fountains Arrives (416) 712-4725

9:15 PM          Rice & Noodles are served.

9:20 PM          MCs announce that speeches will begin again in 10 minutes, the bar has re-opened.  If anyone would like to grab a drink, use the washroom or jog-off all that Chinese food, dessert will also be served shortly.

9:30PM           Dessert is served.  Speeches begin (5 mins. Each), MCs call upon:

  • Steve St. Onge - The Best Man
  • Amy Ng & David Gardner - Maid & Gentleman of Honour
  • The Bride & Groom

9:45 PM          MCs - We will now be having a little break.  The chocolate fountain is now open & the wedding slideshow that Felix St. Onge has prepared will begin in 5 minutes.  We will also be drawing the winner of the Lucky Draw after the slideshow.  Please enjoy the rest of the party!

                        Lisa changes into her evening gown.

                        Dance Floor is cleared of tables for 1 st Dance, lights are dimmed.

9:50 PM          MCs announce start of slideshow - DJ plays over the slideshow: Chasing Cars, Snow Patrol & Where the Streets Have No Name, U2

10:00 PM        MCs draw winner of the 'Lucky Draw' & announce the 1 st Dance.

10:05 PM        MCs announce the First Dance - All I Want Is You, U2

10:10 PM        MCs invite everyone on to the dance floor. 

11:30 PM        DJ Announces Bouquet & Garter Toss - Maneater, Nelly Furtado & Big Pimpin', Jay-Z.

12:30 AM        Chocolate Fountain Ends

12:45 AM        Last Dances

· One More Time, Daft Punk

· All these Things You've Done, The Killers

· Don't Look Back in Anger, Oasis

1 AM               Clean-up: Amy, German & Sofia take:

· Wedding Gifts & Money Box

· Bathroom Baskets

· Floral Arrangements & Pomander Ball

· Candy Bar Items

· Guest Books & Polaroid Camera

Michelle & Vince will take & store:

· DJ Equipment & Lighting

Chairman Mills picks up Tablecloths on Sunday after 10 AM

Dance Floor pick up, same night

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