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It's your big day, and you want to look your very best.from the 'tips of your toes', to the 'top of your head'.

Start by looking at hairstyles and getting an idea of what look you want. Take some time to think. Think about the neckline of your wedding dress. A high-necked dress looks lovely with a sweeping updo, and a plunging neckline may be complimented by flowing tresses. Think about the time of year. Hot summer months may not be conducive to wearing your hair down. Think about your facial shape. Think about what suits you and your personality. You should be comfortable with your hair on your wedding day. It should be "you". just a little fancier version of yourself!

How to find a stylist? If you do not have a stylist, or are not a regular at a salon already, then talk to other brides-to-be, ask friends, or visit the frugal brides board where there are many diehard babblers who can recommend someone.

Now, take all of your photos and ideas to your stylist for consultation. If possible, have a photograph or picture of your wedding dress. This will help the stylist in determining what will look best. Take along any headpieces, tiaras or combs that you will be wearing. Including your veil. It would be horrible to go through a trial, pick your hairstyle, and then find out that your veil doesn't suit the style!

Communicate with your stylist. Talk to them about what drives you crazy (ie. Maybe you hate hair hanging in your face) or what you love. Don't be afraid to let the stylist know that you don't like what they are doing, or that you had a different vision in mind. A stylist understands that their artistic ideas may not be yours.

It is not a good idea to go for any dramatic changes just prior to your wedding day. Unless you are trying to shock family and friends. not to mention your FiancÚ! Try to have highlights, colour or cuts done one to two weeks prior to your big day. Your stylist can always 'touch up' a cut for you on your big day.

Discuss the hair products with your stylist. Make sure that you try out any new products for a few weeks prior to your wedding day. Your big day is not the time to find out that the new hairspray doesn't hold well for you!

Decide whether you want the stylist to come to your home, or whether you would prefer to visit a salon. Both have their advantages. Having someone come to your home could save you time. However, going to the salon means that you could be pampered from 'head to toe' as there are often spa facilities on the premises. All of this will depend on your schedule for your big day, and should be discussed with your stylist.

If other members of your bridal party are having their hair done also, don't forget to have them come in to visit the stylist for a consultation at least two to three weeks prior to the wedding day.

Remember, it is your day to shine! And you want your hair to be your 'crowning glory'. So be sure to do our research, think about what you want, and communicate with your stylist.

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