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Elementz of Fotographie

And you thought we we're going to tell you how to have a good old fashioned bachelor party. From women!! What are you crazy? No way sweetcheeks, we're going to give you other really cool options to the lame old parties you're used too.

Why not try a few new concepts like:

  • A weekend camping trip (you can still get smashed and she'll never know, oh what were we thinking, of course she will, 'cause you're gonna look really bad when you get back)!
  • A weekend golf trip (again, you can still drink like a fish, but be sure she'll know)
  • Rent an RV and take a road trip. One thing we saw recently was one of those done up coach buses that is like a travelling bar. You can rent one here in Toronto for about $150 per hour and party all over the city.
  • A fishing trip (you don't like trout, okay on to the next suggestion)
  • Charter a boat with a captain. You don't want to risk anyone drinking and driving (yes that applies on the water)
  • Rent a cabin in the woods or a cottage at the beach? (just be sure to bring the OFF)
  • Go river rafting (if you can't swim, ditch this one, we do want you to get married)

Regardless of what you decide to do for a bachelor party, the fellows doing the planning need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Be sure to select designated drivers, or use a reliable cab service, but don't DRINK & DRIVE!
  • Try to keep the list of invitees to really close friends who you will enjoy celebrating with you.
  • BIG ONE, HUGE, AND MAKE NO MISTAKE, THE BEST ADVICE!! Schedule the party at least one week before the big day, 'cause you're gonna need to recuperate!!!

So go on darlin', have some fun, but remember you have to look at yourself in the mirror the next morning!!! Maybe you'll even get to see BIGFOOT!

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