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Welcome to the Babbling Brides Bulletin Board here at By far the most fun you're ever going to have planning your wedding is right here with us and all of the wonderful brides that make up this amazing community.

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  1. The Babbling Brides Bulletin Board is a free service to all potential members (vendors please see #3).
  2. You must be registered to participate on the board. All registrations are subject to the administrators approval and we reserve the right to decline registrations.
  3. VENDORS that are not paying advertisers on are not permitted to register and use the board for solicitation.
  4. Your registration approval will be completed within 24 hours.

A WORD OF CAUTION: Please be sure to read all of the above carefully and remember that, although we verify all members and attempt to keep the board clear of troublesome individuals, some may slip through the cracks. All boards are open to the public, so please keep your personal information to yourself. DO NOT AT ANY TIME give out openly on the board, your home or work addresses and phone numbers or financial information. Please use common sense when it comes to protecting your privacy.

Here are some things that the Babblers have to say about the board. You'll come to know and recognize all of these people:

HeathKev says "I love this board and it has helped me so much!!!"

Irene says "Darsi and Judy, this site has been my life saver and I LOVE it."

Sherry says "We are like a close knit family on this board!!"

Weezel says "I think this site is awesome and has been an invaluable resource and source of information/humour/support. You guys ROCK!"

KC says "I think this board is a wonderful resource and that you have been great moderators as well as fantastic people. The proof is in the number of people who continue to return to this site, day after day. Thank you for everything you have done for us."

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