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Here’s what Babblers have to say about the board.


Kristine F. – Burlington, ON: The Frugal Bride message board was the most helpful tool when I was planning my destination wedding. It was my first time on a message board and by asking a simple question I found our most important resource for a DW; our travel agent. The ideas, images, friendly suggestions and support helped make wedding planning easier.


Deb – Toronto, ON: The Frugal Bride website and the Babbling Brides forum were my go-to resources when planning my wedding. I found everything from checklists, budgeting tools, vendor reviews/recommendations, and ideas for all wedding-related events right from the engagement party to the honeymoon. I can’t imagine planning a wedding without the wealth of information that Frugal Bride provided. Thank you


Tricia B-B – Bradford, Ontario: I would have been lost without Frugal Brides! There were so many more things to consider that hadn’t even crossed my mind. The recommendations, suggestions and endorsements of venues, decorators, cake makers, etc. helped me to make the right decisions for our special day. In the end, all of my dreams came true on our wedding day for a FRACTION of the cost that it would have without Frugal Brides. I can’t tell you how many compliments we received on everything!
Thank you FB – you and the community you provide gave me the wedding day I’ve always wanted!


Mandy – Toronto, Ontario: FrugalBride was a life saver for me! We didn’ have a lot of money and were looking for easy and frugal ways to make our dream day come true. I never thought that along the way I would meet so many wonderful people, who I now keep in touch with on FB Living.
Thanks for giving us such a great community of resources and wonderful people!


HeathKev: I love this board and it has helped me so much!!


Irene: Darsi and Judy, this site has been my life saver and I LOVE it.


Sherry: We are like a close knit family on this board!!


Weezel: I think this site is awesome and has been an invaluable resource and source of information, humour, support. You guys ROCK!


KC: I think this board is a wonderful resource and that you have been great moderators as well as fantastic people. The proof is in the number of people who continue to return to this site, day after day. Thank you for everything you have done for us.


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