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Traveller’s Checklist

OMG…there are so many things you need to bring with you when leave home for a honeymoon, destination wedding or a vacation. We want to help you have some peace of mind. If you can think of anything that we’ve missed, please let us know.   Wedding Items • Address Book • Guest Book • […]

Beauty Must-Haves for your Get-away

Beauty Must-Haves for your Get-away submitted by Kirsch Cosmetic Clinic   The whirlwind excitement of your wedding day can often supersede the attention paid to your honeymoon. And we all know it’s no fun to realize upon landing that we have forgotten our essential beauty items, not to mention our absolute favourites that help keep […]

Honeymoon Registry

Honeymoon Registry submitted by Michelle N. Smith   You have planned the perfect day, at the perfect time, with the perfect person….so, what’s missing? The perfect honeymoon!   Everyone knows that planning a wedding can be expensive. After dishing out the money for the reception and the limo, the flowers and the dress, it is […]

Honeymoon Planner

Article submitted by Elan Weddings   BOOKING   – you can either book through a travel agent or directly through the airline, cruise line, etc. If you book through an Ontario registered travel agent you have better protection, through the Travel Industry Act, should your airline or cruise line go out of business (remember Canada […]

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