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Master Itinerary Worksheet

We’ll leave the layout up to you but below is the info needed on a master wedding day itinerary or timeline. Naturally, different cultures require different info but this worksheet should give you a good idea of what you need to know.   See the Wedding Day Itinerary worksheet for a simple layout.   VENDOR […]

Wedding Day Itinerary

This is a worksheet of wedding day events from which you can make your wedding day itinerary. Fill in the times that you are sure of. Don’t worry about the order of events right now. Once you know all the times, you can make your itinerary on a spreadsheet or table, in the proper order. […]

Honourary Photo & Video Checklist

Wedding Photo & Video Checklist by Elementz of Fotographie   While this article is directed to your honourary photographer, the list is also invaluable to your honourary videographer.   If you have hired a professional wedding photographer, the list below is not necessary and could restrict any creative juices BUT if a pro isn’t in your […]

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