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Guests ask FB

  I love hearing from our users and I’m always here to help. I don’t claim to know everything but I’ll do my best for you. If you have a question for me, I can be reached a   Below are recent queries from users from around the world. For privacy sakes, names, dates […]

Rules for Guest

That’s right, there are etiquette rules and common sense advice for guests, as well. • Don’t assume that the couple knows you’re coming to their wedding. You must send back your reply card before the “Reply by” date.   • If you have declined an invitation, you are not expected to send a gift but […]


Anniversary Gifts by year for all the married couples you know. 1st Anniversary – Paper 2nd Anniversary – Cotton 3rd Anniversary – Leather 4th Anniversary – Linen 5th Anniversary – Wood 6th Anniversary – Iron 7th Anniversary – Copper or Brass 8th Anniversary – Bronze or Electrical Appliance 9th Anniversary – Pottery 10th Anniversary – […]

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