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Anniversary Gifts by year for all the married couples you know. 1st Anniversary – Paper 2nd Anniversary – Cotton 3rd Anniversary – Leather 4th Anniversary – Linen 5th Anniversary – Wood 6th Anniversary – Iron 7th Anniversary – Copper or Brass 8th Anniversary – Bronze or Electrical Appliance 9th Anniversary – Pottery 10th Anniversary – […]

Toasts and Speeches

Everyone basically knows, you have a wedding, you better get the speeches prepared, because they are inevitable. Here is a walkthrough of the Toasts & Speeches to be performed on the actual wedding day. As for the proper order of speeches, we’ve looked at books and websites, and everyone has a different order.   The […]

Bachelor Party

And you thought we we’re going to tell you how to have a good old fashioned bachelor party. From women!! What are you crazy? No way, we’re going to give you other really cool options to the lame old parties you’re used too. Why not try a few new concepts like:   • A weekend […]


This article shows who traditionally pays for what and we all know that things have changed over the years. Depending on your family and culture, the list may not apply or be exactly the way you see it. Please take with a grain of salt and enjoy. Bride’s Family • All Reception Costs • Church […]

Best Man Duties

You da man…you da BEST MAN! You’re probably the groom’s brother, his best friend and/or the guy that knows how to party like it’s going out of style. You’re the guy that has to lend a friendly ear to your buddy when the entire wedding planning process is stressing him out.   The groom has […]

Best Man Speech

If you have a best man’s speech that you would like to share, we’d love to see it. Samples are very helpful.   You will be the first person to get up and speak. Although it’s called “a toast” it’s nice to say a few words on the grooms behalf and mention the bride also. […]

Groomsman Speech

If you have a groomsman speech that we could use as a sample, we’d love to see it. You can email it to Alright guys, you don’t have to make a toast or speech if you don’t want to but if you do keep it short and sweet. The content of your speech is […]

Groomsman Duties

  Considering that the groom knows a heck of a lot of guys, congrats on making the cut. You’re on the team!! The down side is that the uniforms are tuxedos but I’m sure you’ll look very handsome.   Other then carrying a flask in your inside pocket and looking and acting sober, there aren’t […]

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