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Party Ideas from Molson Canadian 67

Wedding Celebrations with Modern Flair Molson Canadian 67 keeps it light cool from the engagement to bachelor party   It’s wedding season, and for today’s modern, active couple the days of overindulgent, over-the-top traditions are long gone. They want a celebration that reflects who they are. Casual, yet experience-rich parties with unexpected drink choices like […]

Hot Shower Ideas

We asked the Babblers: What would you love to have at your bridal shower.   – A tea party – delicate sandwiches, fine china, pastries, like a Victorian Afternoon tea – classy, but also fun. It’s not often that people have tea anymore, so I thought it would be a nice change of pace.   […]

Bridesmaid Duties

Congratulations sweetie! Of all the girls that the bride has met in her lifetime to date, you stand out above the rest. She has had many sleepless nights making this big decision. She knows that who she picks will make some happy and others upset.   The title of bridesmaid comes with responsibility and cost. […]

Advice to MOH and BMs

Advice to maids of honour and bridesmaids   Remember when you were little and played “dress-up”? My wedding gown was a halter style made by wrapping a white sheet around my chest and letting the rest drag behind me as my train. My veil was a pillowcase, held in place with a plastic headband. How […]

Bridesmaid Dresses

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Wedding Party asks FB

  I love hearing from our users and I’m always here to help. I don’t claim to know everything but I’ll do my best for you. If you have a question for me, I can be reached a   Below are recent queries from users from around the world. For privacy sakes, names, dates […]

Not So Hot Shower Ideas

We asked the Babblers: What you definitely don’t want at your bridal shower?   – Too many people. I prefer a smaller guest list, more intimate, and more time to spend with each guest. I don’t think the shower should rival the actual wedding, but should be a comfortable atmosphere.   – I don’t want […]

MOH & BM Speech Samples

Maid of Honour and Bridesmaid Speeches   Contributed by Jeff & Brandi I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making it to Kristen and Steven’s special day. It was an honour standing for both of you in your wedding and I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to speak.   Today, […]

Maid of Honour Speech

The content of your speech can contain, thanking the couple for the honour, some thank you that the bride has requested you to make(most brides don’t make a speech), stories about the bride and your friendship.   Your speech can be anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes in length and if you’re married to the […]

Maid of Honour Duties

Congratulations Hun!! Your friend must think very highly of you. It’s hard enough for the bride to choose a small group of women to stand at her side but to pick that one special person, the one that will lead the group, is a huge honour…hence the title.   Being an MOH comes with expectations […]

Shower Games

The following bridal shower game suggestions where gathered from the Babbling Bride Board.   SEXY UNDERWEAR GAME: Buy A bunch of panties from The Dollar Store and ask each table to make “sexy underwear panties for the bride”   WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE JOHN AND JANE GOING? Mount a map on cardboard (it has […]

Blue Hawaii Shower

Contributed by a mom   My daughter got married a few years ago, and at the time Madonna was “HUGE”, and my daughter loved her music etc. and of course who doesn’t love Elvis Presley ! So the Maid of Honour and I got together and planned “An Evening in Blue Hawaii” as the theme. […]

Shower Invites

The more information you put on a shower invitation, the less phone questions you have to answer later. Below is a list of points you can include, omit anything you don’t feel comfortable with or doesn’t apply to you.   What to include with the invitation   • The bride’s full name • Date and […]

Bridesmaid Speech

Your speech will consist of thanking the bride for the honour of being chosen to be apart of her wedding party, a couple of stories about either the bride or the groom depending on who you’re closest to. Keep it short and sweet, around 2 minutes. You can say a poem, sing a song or […]


Anniversary Gifts by year for all the married couples you know. 1st Anniversary – Paper 2nd Anniversary – Cotton 3rd Anniversary – Leather 4th Anniversary – Linen 5th Anniversary – Wood 6th Anniversary – Iron 7th Anniversary – Copper or Brass 8th Anniversary – Bronze or Electrical Appliance 9th Anniversary – Pottery 10th Anniversary – […]

Toasts and Speeches

Everyone basically knows, you have a wedding, you better get the speeches prepared, because they are inevitable. Here is a walkthrough of the Toasts & Speeches to be performed on the actual wedding day. As for the proper order of speeches, we’ve looked at books and websites, and everyone has a different order.   The […]


This article shows who traditionally pays for what and we all know that things have changed over the years. Depending on your family and culture, the list may not apply or be exactly the way you see it. Please take with a grain of salt and enjoy. Bride’s Family • All Reception Costs • Church […]

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