1. Start off with your guest list. Get all the lists together, yours, his and the 2 sets of parents.
2. Put all the names in alphabetic order by person, couple and/or family.
3. Get a floor plan of your reception venue from your catering manager with where the guest tables will be situated.
4. Figure out what kind of seating you want.
o Opening Seating-guests sit where ever they want
o Reserved Tables-guests sit where ever they want at their reserved table (the easiest choice)
o Reserved Seating-guests sit at the table and in the chair reserved for them
5. Get some paper and start cutting out large circles or rectangles. If you have 10 round tables, cut out 10 large circles…don’t forget the head table. The shape of tables used at your reception (rectangular, shape or round) will determine the shapes of card stock or paper you cut out.
6. Number each cut out: Head Table, Table 1, Table 2, etc
7. Lay the pieces out on the floor or a table, following the floor plan you got from the caterer.
8. Using a pen, draw smaller circles representing each place setting
9. Using pencil and eraser, start writing the guests names
10. Once you’ve figured out where everyone will sit, make 2 seating lists.
o Alphabetic with table number (Adamson, Amanda…Table 9)
o By table number (Table 9…Adamson, Amanda)


(You’ve assigned which table that each guest will sit at and they will pick their own chair)


(You’ve assigned the table and the chair, for each guest)
Red = Salmon and Black = Beef



• Guest tables closest to the head table should be reserved for family
• Guest tables closest to the DJ’s or Band’s speakers should seat your younger guests.
• It’s up to you whether you want boy/girl or girls on one side and guys on the other of the head table. Both are proper.
• Proper etiquette states that the maid of honour is seated beside the bride and the best man beside the groom