Wedding Celebrations with Modern Flair
Molson Canadian 67 keeps it light cool from the engagement to bachelor party


It’s wedding season, and for today’s modern, active couple the days of overindulgent, over-the-top traditions are long gone. They want a celebration that reflects who they are. Casual, yet experience-rich parties with unexpected drink choices like light beer cocktails make all things wedding easy to enjoy while keeping couples on track to looking their best on the big day.


Molson Canadian 67 and Tara O’Grady, a wedding expert and owner of Toronto-based Bliss Events, have created four fun, stylish pre-wedding celebration themes showcasing a variety of low-calorie cocktails that are anything but traditional. From the engagement celebration to the bridal party, Molson Canadian 67 is a great fit for every occasion. Specially brewed to only 67 calories per bottle, it means lighter food and drink choices can be made easily without sacrificing living well to get there.

THE BACKYARD BARBECUE:   Engagement Party or Stag & Doe


A quintessential Canadian experience is the backyard barbecue, and for the casual couple who loves the outdoors, an engagement party or stag and doe spent in the backyard makes for an easy, down-to-earth celebration. While mingling, guests snack on mini burgers on whole wheat buns, healthy bean salsa with multigrain tortilla chips and whole wheat soft pretzels with Dijon mustard.



A refreshing glass of Molson Canadian 67 or Molson Canadian 67 Sublime

BBQ Punch (102 calories) – a tropical mix of pineapple, orange and lime juices, a hint of grenadine and Molson Canadian 67, garnished with a lime wedge




As the wedding approaches, grooms-to-be seeking relaxation can get away from it all on a weekend fishing trip. Health-conscious food and drink choices will reduce indulging in pre-packaged snacks and keep grooms who want to feel confident on the big day looking great. Fresh grilled fish seasoned with lemon, assorted vegetables and baked Yukon Gold frites make for a hearty, energizing meal after a day spent in the fresh air, and dark chocolate s’mores melted over the campfire are a sweet finishing touch.



Flight Risk (57 calories) – Molson Canadian 67 with black current cordial, a squeeze of lime and splash of cola, garnished with a lime wedge

Firefly Sour (80 calories) – Molson Canadian 67 Sublime with Tabasco, lime and simple syrup, garnished with lime

THE SPA EXPERIENCE:  Bachelorette Party


When it comes time for the bride to treat herself, a relaxing spa day will be just what she needs. Whether the bridal party visits a spa or creates one at home, pink linens and pretty blooms create the atmosphere for a luxurious day. Steamed edamame beans, tropical fruit salad and exotic cheese platters adorn the tables for healthy snacking, while a dessert bar of macaroons and jellybeans offer sweet treats between spa treatments.



Love Bubbles (50 calories) – Chilled mango and cranberry juice topped with Molson Canadian 67 Sublime, garnished with fresh cranberries and a mango slice

Girl Gang (48 calories) – Molson Canadian 67 Sublime with a splash of chilled elderflower cordial or liqueur, garnished with a skewer of frozen green grapes


For a new twist on a bridal shower, hold the event at a cooking school or at home with a culinary-inclined friend or family member. The result is a fun, interactive day that family members young and old will enjoy. Red and white checkered napkins on white linens set the stage for the creation of a healthy meal of roasted chicken, grilled vegetables and homemade sweet potato fries with garlic aioli. Tasting new dishes and enjoying the company of friends and family helps curb pre-wedding nerves without straying from healthy goals.



The Honeymoon (98 calories) – a wonderful journey of taste with small drink flights:

  • Chilled Molson Canadian 67 Sublime with a swirl of strawberry puree (21 calories)
  • Chilled Molson Canadian 67 with a dash of ginger juice (23 calories)
  • Chilled Molson Canadian 67 stirred with wild honey syrup (54 calories)

Cocktails and caloric values provided by Martini Club.