It’s party time – toss the rules out the window. Every wedding is different. The order of the events bellow isn’t written in stone and you can change the orders or dismiss of any event you don’t want.
1. You and your HUSBAND arrive at the reception location with your wedding party.
2. Freshen up, grab a drink and get into positions for the receiving line and greet your guests. Your guests will mingle and have drinks and hors d’oeurves during the time it takes to finish the receiving line.
3. The next thing that happens is the MC introduces the wedding party into the room. Traditional order: bride’s parents, groom’s parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen in couples, the maid of honour and best man, then the flower girl and ring bearer and lastly the newlyweds.
4. You could have your first dance now or wait until after the speeches. You’ll notice that there are no firm rules here because it’s party time. Also, if you are planning on cutting short your photographer’s hours, getting the first dance over with now allows the photographer to get a few good shots.
5. Before you eat, the best man makes a toast to the happy couple.
6. If you have invited your priest/minister have them or someone else say grace before the meal. Having a child say grace is always a cute idea. Grace is optional.
grace before dinner

7. We find that if you are having more than 4 speeches, it’s more entertaining when they’re given between courses, but that’s up to you. If you want to have the speeches said one after the other; that can be done after the meal. You’ll find the order of speeches in our Toasts & Speeches section.
8. Speeches and dinner are done, now it’s time for dancing. If you haven’t had your first dance yet, let’s go. If you did, then you and your wedding party should start the dancing. You can also cut your cake and have the parent’s dance now too. Try not to stop your DJ too often; it’s hard to get everyone back on the dance floor once it’s been cleared.
mother and son dance

9. An hour after that cut of the cake. You don’t have to announce this; it can be done anytime during the evening. Just make sure that the views of your photo & video people aren’t blocked. To save money on your photographer, do a fake cutting of the cake earlier and cut down on the amount of time they have to be at the reception.
10. At around 11:00pm its time to toss your bouquet and your husband flings your garter. I know you like it when I type HUSBAND, I bet you’re smiling right now. This has become an event that only half the couples incorporate it into their day Personally, I like it.
11. The sweet table or late-night buffet can start right after the tosses.
12. Lastly, change into your going away outfit (if you’re doing that), have your last dance, say your goodbyes and leave.
You should plan for your wedding party to start packing up anything that is left behind and that has be removed from the reception venue once the party is over.
Get in bed, do the nasty, get jiggy with it, play “hide the salami”, if the vans a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’, HAPPY HONEYMOON!!!!