Bride and Groom Trivia by Skip-A-Beat Entertainment
1. Chill a bottle of wine
2. Crack open the bottle of wine and when you are alone, just the two of you, begin to brainstorm all the different roles you play in life (co-worker, child, sibling, friend, niece/nephew, coach, team mate, etc.)
3. Begin a brainstorming session and think of all sorts of little tid-bits of information that make you unique. During this process, there is no right or wrong answers. Get everything down on paper without thought.
4. Once you are completely drained, begin to take those bits of information and form questions around them.
5. Then, have a look at your seating list. Obviously you sat people together based on a common bond (immediate family, co-workers, childhood friends, etc.)
6. Look at each question and decide which table would be most appropriate to receive that question. The goal is to come up with 3 – 5 questions per table. The idea is also that the table will need to talk to come up with their answer, but they should be able to get the question right.
7. Type up the questions and then print them.
8. Place each set of questions in an envelope and mark the envelope with the table number corresponding to your seating chart.
9. On the day of your reception ensure that someone is in-charge of placing the envelopes on each table.
10. Have your MC explain that in order to get the Bride and Groom to kiss, clinking the glasses will not work. Instead, each table has a set of questions contained within their envelope on the table. They must as a group work out the answer to the questions and then nominate a captain. The captain will be in charge of going up to the podium and reading out each of their questions and corresponding answers (imperative that they read the question).
11. This way everyone gets to know a little bit more about the Bride and Groom than they did before.
12. Below is a list of questions to get you started.