Submitted by Judy C at Elementz of Fotographie


Wedding Date: October 8, 2010
Venue: Presidente Banquet Hall, Woodbridge, ON


Hair: Ming from Puzzle Creations
Make up: Christine from Charm Artistry
Invitations: Catherine from Catzy’s Creations
Dress, Chinese Gown, Evening – Rented from Joanne’s Bridal at Woodside Square
Tux Rental: Moore’s
Disc Jockey: Jovie from DJ Triple J
Engagement Ring bought at Bluenile
Wedding Band from People’s
Limo: Direct Limo
Organist: Edric Ho
Vocalist: Jessica David


Our Story in Short: (in Vivian’s words and trying to keep it short)


Rob and I knew of each other’s existence in highschool but never talked to each other until one day in OAC when a mutual friend asked me to give Rob a ride to the hospital for his check up. She was supposed to take him but had something to take care off. She asked me knowing that I was an aspiring therapist and this appointment was a follow up with Rob’s physiotherapist since he has chronic problems with shoulder dislocations.


From that day on, since I had heard everything the physiotherapist said, Rob designated me to be his guardian angel. So every time we hung out which was mostly with sports outings, I would be very strict about what he can and cannot do. Whatever was deemed dangerous and put his shoulders at risk of dislocating, he was not allowed to do. So, his shoulders never came out when I was around. I can’t say the same for when I was not.


Our friendship grew from our last year of high school into first year of University. He went away and I stayed local. We would talk over ICQ alot and whenever he came back, we would try to get together for lunch and continue to have sports outings. I think it wasn’t until I went on a long trip to HK that made us realize how much we really felt for each other. Somehow, we revealed to each other our feelings and then our relationship official began right before our second year of university.


Fast forward almost 8 years after we first started dating, Rob proposed to me. I was away on a trip during Rob’s birthday so we celebrated it about a week later. We first went downtown for lunch, walked around the ROM, and had dinner at Truffles at the Four Seasons. Afterward, we went back to his place. We were right outside his door and right when he was about to open the door, I could hear music coming from inside. When he opened the door, the entire living room and kitchen was decorated with rose petals everywhere, on the floor, on the couch, on the counter, on the stove. tea lights and christmas lights illuminated the space. There were two strings of lights, one behind his couch which gave off a glow and one on his tree which casted shadows on the walls to suit the mood. It was amazing! He had ice wine in a bucket of ice as well as music playing in the background. He downloaded songs from the cds we used to listen to together and Crazy Over You by 112 was on at that moment.


Then i saw my build a bear bunny (which represents him) that he got me when we were in California. So I was like, “is that my bunny? how’d you get him!!???”. I walked up to take a closer look at Bunny who was sitting on the couch and saw that my ring was tied around his neck with a blue ribbon. I picked him up to examine the ring.


Rob came up to me then got down on one knee and said some stuff while I clutched onto the bunny going “omigod omigod omigod….” and all i remember is, “well, this is 8 years in the making, will you marry me”?
My brother met up with the best man during the day to drop off my bunny. His best man lit the candles and helped finalize the decorations while we were out and left not too long before we got back to the condo to ensure no fires got started. What I found really sweet and really cute is that both Rob and the best man had tried everything out the night before to test out the lighting and what not. Afterward, they packaged all the real rose petals and put it in the fridge so it would still be good the next day.


And that is the abbreviated version of the Robert and Vivian Story!