Chinese Wedding Timeline submitted by Lisa at Hello DJ


Please note: All phone numbers have been removed from the timeline below but you should include all the phone numbers for your vendors and VIPS


Lisa & Paul’s Wedding


Rehearsal: Thursday August 23 rd , 2007 – 6 PM
Location: Hart House Chapel
Dinner: Toba Restaurant – 7 PM
—————————— ————————————————–

Day Before: Friday August 24 th , 2007


9:30 AM Tee-off! Groomsmen’s Golf Tournament in Orangeville
1:00 PM Bridesmaid’s Spa & Luncheon @ Polish Beauty Bar Catering delivery by Shopsy’s Deli
12-5 PM Table Linens delivered by Chairman Mills to Dynasty Restaurant to ATTN. of Alfred
4:30 PM Pick-up Smart Car @ Discount – Atrium on Bay
5:00 PM Check-in to The Park Hyatt
6:00 PM Dinner
8:00 PM Stillwater Spa
8:45 PM Massages @ Stillwater.aaaahhhhh
11:00PM Early to Bed!

Wedding Day: Saturday August 25 th , 2007

Ceremony: Oakview Terrace
Reception: Dynasty Chinese Cuisine
Contact: Alfred


In the event of an emergency/crisis/need directions/are lost or late please call our wedding co-ordinator, Liz Wanless first before calling the Bride &Groom.


7:45 AM Wake-Up Call
8:00 AM Room Service/Breakfast/Shower/Get Motoring.
-Amy arrives @ Park Hyatt to drop-off Red Corolla for Paul.
-Paul leaves to get / ready @ Dave’s Condo.
-Kristjan from Civello’s arrives for Hair & Make-Up
9:00 AM Paul & Dave depart for Oakview Terrace.
-Liz & Assistant of Great Events arrives @ Oakview Terrace to set-up  bridal party survival kits
9:30 AM Amy helps Lisa into her dress.
-hello DJ! arrives @ Oakview Terrace to set-up for the ceremony.
-Table to be placed inside the chapel for her.
10:00 AM Paul & Dave arrive @ Oakview Terrace
-Bridal Party members begin to arrive.
-Liz distributes extra schedules to anyone who needs one in BP.
-German & Sofia arrive @  to set-up the parasols, aisle runner & to assist Michelle.
-Lisa departs with Amy in the Smart Car.
10:30 AM Liz Rubincam & Tobi Asmoucha arrive & start photographs.
-hello DJ! begins playing pre-ceremony music as first guests arrive.
-Groomsmen to hand out programs to each family.
10:45 AM Bride arrives at Oakview Terrace.
-Pre-Ceremony pictures begin with the  Wedding Party with Liz & Tobi.
-Jeremy Citron of All You Need is Love – Officiant arrives @ Oakview Terrace.
11:15 AM Ceremony Begins – Regular Music
-Felix is seated
-Mom & Grandma are seated
Groomsmen’s Processional Begins – Here Comes Your Man, The Pixies
-Chris St. Onge
-Bobby St. Onge
-Christopher Kraemer
-Randy Rattansingh
-Jason Soo
-Steve St. Onge
-Paul St. Onge escorted by Elizabeth St. Onge
Bridesmaid’s Processional Begins – New Slang, The Shins
-Clara Rubincam
-Bronwyn McLeod
-Katie Matheson
-Kerri Evans
-Kathryn Thomas
-Amy Ng escorted by David Gardner
-Nicole Chen escorted by Andy Tham – Flower Girl/Jr. Groomsmen
-Aidan Chu – Ring Bearer
Bridal March – Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Isreal K. (fade in to it as Aidan gets halfway up).
-Jeremy will ask people to ‘Please rise’.

-Lisa Ng escorted by King Soon Ng
-The Kiss – Do You Realize?, The Flaming Lips (fade in as soon as Jeremy says, “You may now kiss the Bride”.
-Fade down as he announces signing of the registry and fade back up during the signing).
-Recessional – You’re My First, My Last, My Everything, Barry White
-Play out the rest of the CD with cocktail music.
11:45 AM Group pictures to follow @ Oakview Terrace w/ hor’s d’oeurves & punch.
-hello DJ! re-positions speakers to face the main gardens for cocktails.
12:30 PM Altar arrangements & Pomander Ball taken by Liz Wanless.
-Aisle runner goes with German.
-Parasols given to the Bridesmaids for pictures.
12:45 PM Bridal Party re-groups. Maps to Edwards Gardens & Survival Kits are distributed.
1:00 PM Everyone & everything is off Oakview Terrace.
1:30 PM Bridal Party arrives @ Edwards Gardens for photos w/ Liz & Tobi.
3:00 PM Leave Edwards Gardens, back to Park Hyatt. Bridal party check-in to their hotels.
-Dave, Amy, German, Sofia (2 Cars) depart for Dave’s condo to pick-up all wedding items to be transported to Dynasty site, which include:
-Guest Books & Polaroid Camera/Film @ sign-in table
- Bathroom Baskets to be placed in each washroom, with soap pump open and left out on the counter
-Candy Bar Items – Candy Bar Table
-Favours – Go onto each plate @ placesetting
- Hurricane Candles & Lollipop Pots/Placecards
- Children’s ‘Shut-up & Colour!’ Activity Bags
- German brings his easel & entrance photo enlargement
3:45 PM Lisa leaves for make-up touch-ups at Civello’s Queen St.
4:00 PM Make-up touch-ups w/ Kristjan
-Michelle of hello DJ! arrives to set-up for the reception. Table is alocated next to the head table.
-Florist of Ladybug in the Village delivers centrepieces.
-Liz Wanless & Assistant arrives to oversee the tablecloths, tables & placesettings. Bring escort cards, dinner & bar menus (2 of each place on opposite sides of Lazy Susan).
-Centrepiece frames, floral vase & table card to form trio/montage in centre of Lazy Susan. Liz also transfers the altar arrangements placed near head table & hangs pomander ball at entrance.
-Extra floral vases to be placed in each washroom on the counter.
-Liz goes over all final décor requirements.
-Presentations 2 Go arrives to set-up slideshow equipment.
-Kim of hello Cakes! arrives to set-up wedding cake, groom’s cake & decorates cake table.
4:30 PM Paul & Lisa arrive @ Dynasty Restaurant, do final checks.
-Bridal Party arrives at Dynasty.
5:00 PM Cocktails & guest arrivals officially begin. Lighting to be dimmed. DJ starts cocktail CDs. Assigned tasks:
-Bobby &; Kraemer – please help escort everyone to their tables. There are 20 tables, if you could please help people find where they are sitting.
-Chris & Annie – Entertain the 13 small children. Kraemer to help make balloon animals.
-Steve – Make sure all the slideshow equipment is good to go, test the laptop with the projector, make sure it works.
-Help Michelle (DJ) if she needs anything. Assist in seating guests, once complete.
-Jason & Randy – guard the money box! Amy will come by and periodically empty the box, just let her know when it gets a little full. We don’t want all of it sitting there at once.
-Susan (Lisa’s Cousin) – Will also help empty the money box/pay vendors.
-Dave & Kerri – MC duties, prep & meet with Michelle, test mic etc. Make sure you have lucky draw stuff, props, script ready.
-Katie – Guestbook table, taking the polaroid pictures of guests
-Amy – Guestbook table, grouping families and friends together for photo, helping with $ box.
-Clara – Guestbook table, insert Polaroids into guestbook and have guests sign the page.
-We will have (2) guest books going at the same time to make sure it goes fast. Non-smudge black pens provided.
-Bronwyn – Escort Card table, help people find their card and make sure they take the card with them.
-Kathryn – Escort Card table, hand out activity bags to children attending.
-Assist Bronwyn and the guestbook table if they need help.
6:05 PM Line-up the Bridal Party. All guests are asked to be seated by Michelle.
6:10 PM Bridal Party Introductions by Michelle.
Song: Glamorous, Fergie
Bridesmaid & Escort
Clara Rubincam w/ Christopher St. Onge
Bronwyn McLeod w/ Bobby St. Onge
Katie Mathson w/ Christopher Kraemer
Kerri Evans w/ Randy Rattansingh
Kathryn Thomas w/ Jason Soo
Best Man – Steve St. Onge w/Flower Girl – Nicole Chen
Ring Bearer – Aidan Chu w/ Jr. Groomsmen – Andy Tham
Maid of Honour – Amy Ng w/ Gentleman of Honour – David Gardner
“If everyone will please stand, it is my pleasure to introduce to you our bride & groom. Lisa & Paul”
6:15 PM MCs introduce themselves, location of the washrooms, speeches will start near the end of dinner.
-Candy Buffet will be open all night!
-Bar will be re-open again at 9:30 PM.
-MCs also note that the tables are named after places Lisa &
-Paul have travelled to and include a picture of them in each destination city.
-The floral centrepiece & picture frame will be given away later on in the night.
-Invite the Parents of the Bride – King & Hui Ng to give a toast
6:20 PM Toast in Chinese & English by Lisa’s Parents
-MCs invite Parents of the Groom for their speech.
6:25 PM Speech by Paul’s Parents
MCs explain Spelling Bee to get the B&G to Kiss, have one volunteer from Bridal Party come up.
-Tell everyone to enjoy dinner!
6:30 PM Dinner Begins! – Roast Pig is served.
6:50 PM Crabmeat Balls are served.
7:00 PM MCs explain Lucky Draw.
-Red envelopes are distributed with pens & then collected by the MCs & helpers into large jar.
-Amy Ng to translate into Chinese
7:10 PM Phoenix Nest is served.
7:20 PM MCs ask for 2 more Spelling Bee/Kissing Games volunteers, if people have NOT been coming up.
7:35 PM Shark Fin Soup is served.
7:45 PM Lisa changes into her red dress.
7:50 PM MCs introduction – Lisa & Paul do a Tea Ceremony with both sets of Parents & Lisa’s Grandma.
-Tea ceremony music by DJ & 5 Chairs will be required & tea set!
7:55 PM Abalone is served.
8:15 PM Lobster is served.
8:30 PM MCs – Newlywed Game (see list of questions).
8:35 PM Fish is served.
8:40 PM MCs invite Groomsmen – Jason, Kraemer, Randy for speech
8:45 PM MCs Invite Bridesmaid – Kathryn Thomas for her speech
8:55 PM Fried Chicken is served.
9:05 PM MCs announce Centrepiece Giveaway Game  on each table.
-$5 Bill, Napkin, Lipstick.
-Cake Cutting Ceremony to follow, please ask those to gather who want to take photos.
-DJ plays – Love You Madly, Cake.
-Amore Chocolate Fountains Arrives
9:15 PM Rice & Noodles are served.
9:20 PM MCs announce that speeches will begin again in 10 minutes, the bar has re-opened.
-If anyone would like to grab a drink, use the washroom or jog-off all that Chinese food, dessert will also be served shortly.
9:30PM Dessert is served. Speeches begin (5 mins. Each), MCs call upon:
-Steve St. Onge – The Best Man
-Amy Ng & David Gardner – Maid & Gentleman of Honour
-The Bride & Groom
9:45 PM MCs – We will now be having a little break.
-The chocolate fountain is now open & the wedding slideshow that Felix St. Onge has prepared will begin in 5 minutes.
-We will also be drawing the winner of the Lucky Draw after the slideshow.
- Please enjoy the rest of the party!
-Lisa changes into her evening gown.
-Dance Floor is cleared of tables for 1 st Dance, lights are dimmed.
9:50 PM MCs announce start of slideshow – DJ plays over the slideshow: Chasing Cars, Snow Patrol & Where the Streets Have No Name, U2
10:00 PM MCs draw winner of the ‘Lucky Draw’ & announce the 1 st Dance.
10:05 PM MCs announce the First Dance – All I Want Is You, U2
10:10 PM MCs invite everyone on to the dance floor.
11:30 PM DJ Announces Bouquet & Garter Toss – Maneater, Nelly Furtado & Big Pimpin’, Jay-Z.
12:30 AM Chocolate Fountain Ends
12:45 AM Last Dances
- One More Time, Daft Punk
-All these Things You’ve Done, The Killers
-Don’t Look Back in Anger, Oasis
1:00 AM Clean-up: Amy, German & Sofia take:
-Wedding Gifts & Money Box
-Bathroom Baskets
-Floral Arrangements & Pomander Ball
-Candy Bar Items
-Guest Books & Polaroid Camera
-Michelle & Vince will take & store:
-DJ Equipment & Lighting
-Chairman Mills picks up Tablecloths on Sunday after 10 AM
-Dance Floor pick up, same night