Top 5 Things that can go Wrong submitted by Kasia from Prelude to a Kiss
I’ve heard it all too many times, “shoulda, coulda, woulda”, about everything from the DJ to the Décor, from the Venue to the Videographer. And it makes me sad every time! The memories of your wedding day should be filled with nothing but positive pictures of perfection! Sounds next to impossible but it’s not. Take it from a former bride who “shoulda’d, coulda’d, woulda’d”.
The Top 5 List
5. Your Makeup: All eyes are on you! You’re the focus of attention and yes, every bride is beautiful, but the makeup helps! Let’s not forget all the great pictures you’ll have to remind you daily how lovely you were, or how horrific your makeup was! Whether you have a budget for a glamorous affair or are pinching for something more intimate, finding the right look and the right professional can take too many makeup trials than your wallet or your precious time can afford. It’s important to get this one right early on.
4. The DJ: From the music he plays to his attitude and attire, there are many subtle and brutally obvious ways this key element can go wrong. The DJ’s job is to entertain the crowd and to do it in the way that is appropriate for you and your loved ones.


3. The Venue: Multiple weddings. Insufficient number of servers. A nearby highway that gets extra loud on the weekends. No outside vendors allowed. No tastings. I could go on but you get the point. Your reception venue is arguably the centre focus of the big day, next to you and your groom of course! It’s where you and your guests will spend the most time. To get this one right is a daunting task that even trained professionals can miss marks with if they aren’t extremely careful. You definitely don’t need the stress of trying to be a coordinator and a bride!
2. The Food: Whether it’s the venue or an outside caterer, you need to ask a lot of questions to make sure you get exactly what you and your guests are expecting. There are allergies, lifestyle choices and cultural considerations to factor in. Should you serve it Family Style, Buffet or Plated? Are outside vendors permitted? What’s the state of the kitchen? Can you meet the chef? Remember, everyone remembers the food!
And the #1 thing that can wrong but doesn’t have to..
1. The Photographer/Videographer: This one is tough and dear to me. These are the individuals who are capturing this day for viewing by generations to come. These pictures and videos are what the two of you will pick up when your 80 and celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. There’s nothing more devastating than not getting this one right. What happens if your choice photographer gets ill? Have you seen a portfolio of his work? Are you sure? If he works for a studio you may not have. If you’re going with a studio can you meet your photographer before the day of? What will he be wearing? The list goes on and on.
I hate to point out the obvious but aren’t these all also the elements that make up the Top 5 Things you Have to Get Right?! Don’t panic, I have a plan.
Step One: Understanding that there’s no way for you to do this on your own. I know you’re Superwoman. You know you’re Superwoman. Your mom knows you’re Superwoman. But Superwoman wasn’t clairvoyant! The truth of the matter is there are too many aspects of the wedding day that aren’t certain until the day of, which is generally, TOO LATE!
Step Two: Accept there’s no way to make this thing foolproof, but there is a solution that makes it just about so. The solution? A Wedding consultant.
Step Three: Contact one, contact 10. Make as many contacts until you find the one that fits your style and the rest will fall into place. It then becomes her job to make sure all the other vendors and venues match as well. She’ll have the inside outs all figured out, to avoid the avoidable, plus an emergency kit in tow for the unexpected!