Choosing Jewellery for Bridesmaids by Elizabeth Webster Goddard
Offer your bridesmaids “a choice within a selection” that you can live with! Select nickel- free jewellery to avoid metal allergies. Nickel is the metal that triggers most reactions.
Option 1. The same jewellery for all. This provides an exact match and helps coordinate the look. It provides a uniform look to the party. Sometimes a more delicate version is chosen for any children in the wedding party. Often a bride will give jewellery as her “thank you” gift  to her bridesmaids.
A drawback can be if the women differ greatly in stature or face shape and it is difficult to select one style or size of jewellery that is becoming to all. Avoid selecting jewellery that they are unlikely to ever wear again, especially if they are paying for it!
Option 2. Some key jewellery the same, for example, the earrings, crystal bangles and an anklet. The earrings are the jewellery most noticed and are the easiest to coordinate.
Option 3. Decide on the general type of earring you would like them to wear and choose specific earrings for each that are appropriate to their stature. For example, pearl studs range from very small, appropriate for a child or small woman to the nine or ten mm beauties which look great on a larger woman.
This allows for individuality and keeps the cost down for your bridesmaids. It allows them to use an existing favourite or perhaps borrow from a sister or mother.
When choosing jewellery for anyone, remember to suit their face shape. For example, a round face benefits from a longer earring that draws the eye up and down. A square jaw can be softened by a rounded style. A long, thin face is complimented by more substantial earrings.
Should jewellery match dresses in colour? It is tricky to accomplish a perfect match. It is much simpler (and less stressful for all) to select jewellery that accents, rather than matches the dresses. This jewellery is also more likely to be worn after the wedding too!
How elaborate should jewellery be? A general rule, the more detail that appears in the dress, the simpler the jewellery and vice versa. The bride’s jewellery is traditionally more elaborate than that of her attendants. A child’s jewellery is usually very simple, such as a pearl or small heart pendant and tiny earrings.
Tip: Ask your bridesmaids to wear their jewellery a few times before the actual wedding day. This will allow for their greater comfort on the wedding day itself. If anyone has a severe metal allergy, suggest they use a jewellery coating that can be purchased at fashion jewellery sections of larger stores.