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Public speaking can be very nerve wracking for a lot of people. As the bride you are required to say a few words but don’t feel like to you have to be up at the mic for 30 minutes. 3 to 5 minutes is enough time to fit everything in.


What to include in your speech:

  • Thank your parents for everything they’ve done for you
  • Thank his parents for making you feel welcome in their family
  • Thank your wedding party for their help and friendship
  • Thank your guests for coming
  • Say something nice about your husband




Posted by 082005JHR

“Hello everyone, thank you all for coming, and for your good wishes.


“Not only have our close family and friends chosen to celebrate with NAME and I today, but family from LOCATION and as far away as LOCATION, have made a special effort to be here. Your presence is the best present NAME and I could ask for.


“There are a myriad of people whom I want to thank today. I want to say thanks to my extended family, to all my aunts and uncles, for being there for me my whole life, as well as my grandmother, NAME. A special thank you to my mother, NAME; although our time was short, she shaped my life forever.


“To NAME’s parents, NAME and NAME, and DH’s sister, NAME; I know you had your hands full raising NAME, but you have influenced and moulded him into the man he is today, the man that I so dearly love. Thank you for welcoming me into your family, and trusting me with NAME’s heart.


“What can I say about my bridesmaids, my cousins, NAME, NAME, and NAME? Well, I’ve changed your diapers, so you owe me! (pause) I have heard everyone say how lovely you look today, and I have to agree.


“And my Maid of Honour, NAME; thank you for being such a great source of support. You have been my sounding board and a voice of reason, not only during the wedding planning, but throughout our friendship as well. Thank you for standing beside me today as NAME and I exchanged our vows.


“Saving the best for last, my new husband NAME. (pause, turn to husband)
“NAME, I would like to propose a toast to you. My dream was to find a man who would understand me without me uttering a single word. A man whose values and spirit matched my own. If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up every day to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine. Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you. NAME, thank you for being you!


(turn to guests)


“And thank you everyone. I hoped it would be a perfect day, and it is. Cheers!”


Names and places have been changed, simply because my hubby2B surfs this board



Posted by Dame

-planning a wedding is certainly no easy task
-but planning a wedding while teaching a course at the University of Toronto AND finishing your PhD dissertation
-well, some would call that quite insane
-others would tell you that it is typical of me
-thankfully, I am lucky enough to have inherited excellent organizational skills from my mother
-to have a phenomenal now husband, who was more than willing to make the thousands of phone calls needed
-as well as an amazing group of family and friends who offered up their talents and aid to help us put together this day
-first and foremost, Bobby and I would like to thank BRIDESMAID and HER FIANCÉ who have gone above and beyond the bonds of friendship to help us organize this wedding
-we only have this venue because of BRIDESMAID’s family connections to the Slovenian community
-we only have a liquor license because BRIDESMAID and FIANCÉ came and surveyed this site for us
-they lent us their car, drove us around, introduced us to vendors, created our program, and helped us decorate
-well, I could go on and on
-and, they themselves are getting married in three weeks!
-thanks so very much to both of you for everything that you have done
-thank you also to ___ for the beautiful table runners, _______ for the gorgeous Bomboniere, _____ for the reading, _____ for what I know will be a spectacular fire show, ______ and _____ for the music that is going to keep you bopping all night, _____ for the chauffeur services as well as help setting up, _____ for saving us at the last minute, _____ for the sound and _____ for being the best master of ceremonies
-I am very blessed to have a group of amazing women as friends who have supported me throughout the years that I have known them
-all of them have helped me organize this day, in a number of different ways
-Bridesmaid #1 I have already discussed, although I could say many many more things
-my little sister flew in from London and Bridesmaid #2 came from Victoria, both of whom spent the past two days running around the city of Toronto with me
-BM#3 brought me to IKEA with her beautiful son (and I tell you, IKEA is a whole new place when you have a little boy with you!!!) and helped me to visualize how everything would look
-_____ is such a beautiful flower girl and I feel very lucky to be gaining her as a niece today
-and of course, there is my maid of honour, and honorary chick “a guy” who threw the best stagette ever for me, and has done so many things this past week to make sure it all worked out
-thank you to all of you for everything
-I could never have done it without you!
-my family has been an integral part of my life and I must thank my mother for all of her love and support throughout Bobby and my relationship
-you accepted Bobby unconditionally Mom, and have been such an amazing role model for me my entire life
-thanks for being my Mom!!!
-and to my Dad, who helped us make this day possible in so many ways
-thank you for everything that you have done, for all of your love and support
-for accepting Bobby and for teaching me to love Van Morrison and good beer!
-thank you for being my Dad!!!

-to HUSBAND’s Parents, I give the most heartfelt thanks for accepting me into your family
-for your love, support and enthusiasm in organizing this wedding
-but most of all, thank you for your son!!!

-when I started thinking about my speech, and asking others what I should say, many urged me to tell a story
-at first this seemed overwhelming, how could one story sum up three and a half of the best years of my life?
-but as I thought more, I realized that the story of Bobby and My engagement was perfect as it sums up many of the reasons why I love him so much
-Bobby and I had been talking about getting married for awhile when my Mom gave him two rings I had inherited from her parents
-this was during the winter of 2004
-in April of 2004, my finger was measured by ____ so I thought that a proposal was certainly not far behind
-so I waited patiently, trying to guess when it would happen
-and waited.
-and waited.
-by June I had decided that whatever ring was being made for me must be done so I started gently making hints
-by July I was asking out right where my ring was
-and by August, I was demanding it
-by the end of August I was sure it would happen on my birthday, September 4th
-but of course, it did not
-in fact, Bobby totally surprised me by proposing the night before at Matthew’s place
-I had been so focused on it happening on the day of my birthday, I was in complete shock when he handed me a blue bag, inside of which was a blue box
-and then when I opened it, asked me if I would marry him
-behind this story is another one, which I only became aware of after our engagement had taken place
-Bobby received the ring in June and every time I asked about it, he pushed the proposal back
-my friends all knew this was taking place and said it was difficult to watch!!!


-so how does this story characterize what I love about Bobby?
-well, first of all, the fact that even when I am expectantly waiting for something, he can take me entirely by surprise
-indeed, he surprises me all the time
-secondly, he is unwilling to simply acquiesce when I want to have my own way
-instead, he constantly challenges me, pushes me to see the world in new ways, consider new things about myself and those around me
-thirdly, just by looking at my engagement ring, you can see that he knows me so very very well
-it is entirely me so much so that it reflects my personality in ways that no other person has ever seen before


-Bobby, I know that living with PhD student is not easy
-and indeed, you became a part of my life during the worst aspect of my degree, writing my dissertation
-but you have loved and supported me unquestioningly through so many difficult times
-not the least of which, the dreaded Latin exam
-you boosted my wavering self-confidence, cheered me on through trials and tribulations
-brought me dinner and a glass of wine when my brain was too frazzled to work properly
-you are my home and my rock
-the caretaker of my heart
-and my constant cheerleader
-thank you for everything you have done, for your beauty and kindness but most of all, thank you for you love
-I am so proud to be your wife



Posted by Dot


Firstly, I would like to give huge congratulations to my parents, whose anniversary we’re currently stealing. You are my model for what marriage should be, 28 years of laughter, tears, compromise, understanding, dependability, and above all, love. You taught me that love is forgiveness and patience, being together through the good times, and never giving up through the bad. You were never ashamed to hold hands, or kiss in front of family, no matter how many gagging noises we made. I can only hope that my marriage is as strong as yours, and I wish you many, many more years together.

Also, I would like to say congratulations to (BM2 parent’s names) who are also celebrating their wedding anniversary! Apparently, today is a VERY good day to get married.


I would like to thank my bridesmaids, (BM1 and BM2) for being here with me. You girls are amazing, supportive friends, and I will always be grateful to know you.


I would also like to thank my Maid of Honour (Name). You’ve known me for about as long as anyone ever has. You’ve seen me through ups and downs, and just about everything life could throw at me. We may not always have been super close, but you’re the kind of friend that I know I’m going to keep for the rest of my life. Who would have thought that us two girls who used to draw each other’s wedding dresses, and plan each other’s weddings, that we’d be here today.. I’m glad to know that good things do last.


And of course.. I have to say a HUGE thank you to my matron of honour (Name), not only for being my sounding board through this whole thing, but also, it was at your wedding where I met (FI’s name), and that day was the second best day of my life, second, of course, to this day here. I may not have known you as long as some of the other girls, but in the time we’ve known each other, you’ve amazed me with your patience, your kindness, your understanding, and your love as a person. I only hope that I can someday be as caring and as strong as you are.


(FFIL & FMIL), how can I thank you for raising such an amazing son. Without you, this man wouldn’t be here, and wouldn’t be in my life, and I thank you for your support through this. I know it can’t be easy, inviting a stranger into your homes and your family, but you have been incredibly gracious and kind.


And to my love, my (name).. You are my rock, my comfort, my best friend. You make me laugh, shower me with love and caring, understand my quirks, and support my dreams and ambitions. You believe that I can do anything I set my mind to, and you have given me more joy than I ever thought I could have. I cannot imagine my life without you. In the years, decades to come, I promise to be faithful and loving, patient and forgiving. I promise to do my best to make you laugh on the hard days, and I will do whatever it takes to make your life better. The going may not be easy, but together, I know we can make it.


I love you. Today is the start of a whole new life, and I can hardly wait to spend every day with you.


Thank you all for sharing our joy today! I hope you enjoy it!



Posted by MisLin

Those of you who know me will also know that the chance of me being able to keep me mouth shut while everyone else does a speech was pretty slim. So I’m sorry for adding another speech to the list but, if it’s any consolation, I’ll try to keep it short.


Thank you, Uncle Max, for marrying us. I couldn’t have asked for a more personal and meaningful ceremony.


I’d also like to thank Andrea and Katie for standing up for me today. They’ve been helpful, supportive and all the things a bride could ask for. The only problem is, they look completely stunning in their dresses so I’ve had to sit them as far away from me as possible!


I want to specially thank Terra, my maid of honour. Over the past months, she’s been there with her book of ideas or listening ear whenever I’ve needed her, she’s been on numerous shopping expeditions and made the bouquets with me, she helped get everything ready this morning, she did my hair and make-up and she’s even tried to keep me fed throughout the day – and if that isn’t a sign of pure bravery, I don’t know what is. With her is Aaron who has spent the last 24 hours being a chauffeur (Terra, seriously, we need to get our licenses… ) Thank you to both of you.


Thank you to Susan, Garth, Chris and Josh who have made me feel welcome in their home and their lives since the first day I met them. Susan asked on the weekend she first met me if I would let her be involved in my wedding in some way. My thoughts at the time were “that’s fine as long as my husband doesn’t mind a stranger butting in”. Susan saw more than I did. Thanks for offering help so early, I think you may have broken some sort of in-law record.


Mum, what can I say? You’ve watched me grow up, you’ve helped me develop and mature into the person that I am today and I hope you think all your hard work has been worthwhile. I love you very much. I also want to thank you for all the shopping trips and for running last minute errands. And for bringing the cake. it’s yummy! (at this point I broke off and rambled on about how the cake looked like crap but that I SOOO didn’t pick that look, the baker improvised, but that it really was very yummy)


And finally, a word, or maybe two, about my husband (wow!! I can say that now!)
Peter came into my life and completely changed it – for the better, in case you were wondering.
I adore this man. He is my biggest supporter, my best friend and now my husband – how fantastically lucky I am to get all that in one person. And with red hair too. I am blessed.
So thank you, Peter, for marrying me. I hope that I can make you as happy as you have made me over the past 7 years.


And finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you for being with us today. A wedding can happen anywhere and at any time but it can only be a true celebration when all the people you love are there to share it with you so you really have made our day.


So, if you’d please raise your glasses for a toast – To Friends & Family



Posted by laura1

You may well be wondering what the Bride is doing making a speech. Well, those of you who know me well, know that I always have talked too much and usually find a way to get my two pence worth in so it probably is no surprise! I also wanted to say thank you to those deserving in my own words.


When I met Howard, was totally off men and relationships, so it is a more than a little surprising to find myself standing here in this clobber just under two years later! I have my sister to thank for this remarkable conversion, as she was the Cilla Black wannabe who got us together – with all the subtlety of Blind Date I might add. Her favourite trick was to invite Howard to come for drinks with her and I and then suddenly “remember” she’d left the iron on or hadn’t fed the cat or any other such nonsense.


Of course this was highly embarrassing and cringe-making but I am so very grateful to Donna for knowing us both better than we knew ourselves, knowing that we should be together and putting us in each others’ lives.


She has been a great Bridesmaid and she has helped a lot over the last few months; not least in the organisation of a top hen party – the details of which follow the time honoured code of “What goes on tour, stays on tour”! Donna not only is the best sister a girl could ever have but she is also my very bestest friend and has been my idol since I arrived in this world. Thank you so much for everything, not least for loving me. This is just a small gift as a token of our love and appreciation.


Whilst I am on thanking there are a few more that I would like to do and I promise to be brief!


Firstly thanks to all of you for coming and thank you for the wonderful gifts – we’ll look forward to opening them when we get back from honeymoon. I know that most of you took time off work and travelled a long way to be here and I want to say how much it means to us to share our day with the family and friends that love us. Sadly not everyone could be with us and I would especially like to mention Howard’s Grandfather, George who sadly passed away last year and my favourite Aunt, Auntie Kissie who has been very ill and wasn’t well enough to make the journey. They are both sorely missed here today.


Secondly I want to thank Ivor – the best best man – he has done a fantastic job, although depending on the contents of his speech, I may retract this!!!! Seriously he has been an amazing support to Howard and has done us both proud in his role. Thanks Ivor for making our day that little bit more special and for not shaving Howard’s hair off on the stag night.


Thanks also to Belinda, my wicked step-mother! – the reading was beautiful and thank you for agreeing to do it. Thanks also for getting my Father here on the right day, at the right time and in the right clothes. Here’s a little something for you to thank you for everything.


I’d like to say a few words about my Mum and Dad. They have been the best parents a girl could wish for and they are also my friends. My Mum is the most amazing person and she taught me to be independent from a very young age. I’m sure Howard would NOT thank her for this as I am incredibly stubborn as a result – but it always made me aware that when I did get married, if I got married, it would be to the right man at the right time and that is certainly true. She is also an incredibly talented singer, which I’m sure those of you who heard her sing whilst we signed the register earlier will agree. It was beautiful and meaningful and I’ll remember it forever – thank you so much Mum and this is a little gift from us.


My Dad on the other hand, taught me something that is invaluable; SPORT IS VERY IMPORTANT. This is something that I know will stand me in good stead in my marriage to Howard! It is said that you marry a man like your Dad and if that’s true – then kind, generous, loving, caring, supportive, always there when you need him and great to hug is what I’m getting. Thanks so much for everything Dad, not least for giving me away – although you were probably glad to get rid of me!


I’d just like to say a few words about three of the most excellent girls one could ever hope to meet. Angie Schofield, Tracie Buckley and Catherine Meakings. I’ve been very lucky to find good friends like them. Angie and her husband came over this morning to blow up balloons and bring the table decorations and cake over. Tracie is kindly going out of her way to Merseyside to take my bouquet to my Aunt who couldn’t make it and Catherine has been to John Lewis for me so often in the last few months that they have given her own entrance. I just wanted to thank you all, not just for the practical things you have done but for the support you have given me. These small gifts are a huge token of my love and appreciation. Thanks a lot you guys.


So now I turn to my new Husband! Last but certainly not least. I want to thank you Howard for a wonderful day – thank you for all your hard work in realising our dreams – today has been so perfect.


I have never been able to find the right words to express just how I feel about this man who has become my husband today – so I’m going to recite this poem in the hope that it might go someway to let him know just what he means to me.


I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I’m with you
I love you, not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you have made of me
I love you for the part of me that you bring out.


I love you for putting your hand into my heaped up heart
And passing over all the foolish weak things that are held dimly there
And for drawing out into the light all the beautiful belongings
That no-one else had looked quite far enough to find.


I love you because you have helped me to make my life a beautiful life worth living


I love you because you have done more than anything could have done to make me good
And more than any fate could have done to make me happy.


You have done this by being yourself and loving me.


You know, my Nan always told me to marry a rich man – I couldn’t have married a richer man than Howard. He is rich in inner strength, understanding and kindness, in forgiveness and patience. He is my everything and I am very proud to be Mrs Lewis. I’d like to propose a toast to us – the best is yet to come.



Posted by Am_A_BURNS

I would first like to thank the crew of the Obsession III for making all my crazy ideas a reality.


We’d also like to thank everyone for coming, as most of you live nowhere near Toronto. My Sister G and Niece A have travelled all the way from Colorado after moving there just days ago. All that you have done for me will be cherished forever. I was a little worried because every time I called you, you never picked out a dress for the wedding, and I’m glad you took your time because you look gorgeous as usual…and everyone has been telling me you are HOT! (laughter in the crowd) You are my older sister whom I admire and it meant a lot that you stood by my side on one of the most important days of my life.


I’d like to thank my sister in law M, who is like a sister to me. Even when you were waddling around pregnant with the twins you insisted on throwing me a shower. Never thinking about yourself always making sure I was having a good time. I can only pray that I can make Erik as happy as you’ve made my brother. (TEARS FROM THE CROWD)


My big brother D. The poker tournament you threw for Erik meant a lot to us, you always do so much for us without being asked. I don’t know if you remember saying this but, I was told that a while back you made a comment to one of our aunts. They asked when you were going to have kids and you replied, not yet. I have to wait until Jess is secure, because if she needs my help I have be able to help her out. I guess, in your eyes D, your little sister has finally grown up and your mind is at ease, seeing as you are now a father to those beautiful twins. D, Thank you for always worrying about me, but always fighting in my corner.


Mom and Dad, you have been an inspiration to me with everything, you taught me to work hard, to strive for the best and set an example with your playful marriage; to love with all of your heart. And that is how I live my life, I work hard, I’ve chosen the best husband, and I will love him with all of my heart. (The Crowd CHEERED )


I would like to extend a thank you to the B/W family. Gramma, thank you for making my wedding cake, I was a little worried because everyone said I wouldn’t be able to cut through it (LAUGHTER), Grampa, your special reading also worried us but you both pulled through. By entering the Burns family I finally have something that I’ve never had before…A younger brother to torment with C, Thank you for being our Best man.


B, and especially G, who made me feel like part of the family from day one. I’ve endured the constant teasing, especially about the amount of food I can consume. Well you two, I was always quiet and polite about it but now that we are family I will be retaliating! (HYSTERICS) Seriously though, G, Thank you for raising such a wonderful man, and taking me in with open arms.


Lastly and most Important I have to thank Erik, for putting up with my craziness during the planning, and losing me to the computer and my bridal website.


My friend J, from work can attest that it was love at first sight. The day Erik came to work at AC I asked “who’s your hot friend?” J replied I don’t think so jess he isn’t the type to settle down. Well I proved you wrong today.


People always ask me How can you work together, live together and well do everything together. I never quite understand because its easy, you are my best friend, my soul mate NOT TO MENTION WE CAN PENCIL WHIP AN AIRCRAFT LIKE NOBODY ELSE AT WJA!!!!! (All our work friends yell BOOOOYAAAA)


Erik you and I were the only good thing that came out of working for AC (BOOOYAAA AGAIN AND HYSTERICS FROM THE CROWD)


All jokes aside Erik I love you and I can’t wait to adventure through the rest of my life with you.





Posted by Jen

The wedding etiquette people say that the bride doesn’t have to make a speech. If anyone in this room thought that wouldn’t happen, you must be at the wrong wedding, you don’t know me at all! Although, I did tell everyone no speeches, just toasts, so I’ll try and be brief.


This is the part where I thank the bridesmaids. What a lucky woman I am to have four sisters.


Sister: I think I always used to tell mom and dad I wanted brothers, but I wouldn’t change having a sister for anything. Being sisters with you has been amazing, traumatic, and sometimes scary. Imagine knowing your little sister is thousands of miles and a very expensive plane ride away with some Scottish boyfriend you’ve never met, before today. BF, you’ll be glad to know you’ve passed the big sister test, and the standards are quite high. But when we were kids if anyone hurt my little sister, they better be able to run faster than me. I say that with all the love in my heart,


BM1: I’ve been blessed to be part of your life for what feels like a hundred years. You keep moving away from me but you can’t escape. We have survived a lot together and have many wonderful years ahead of us to look forward to. Except that hockey season starts in 11 days and if you start cheering for Calgary it’s all over between us. I will have your husband arrest you for crimes against humanity. For anyone in the room who didn’t get that, her husband is in police academy right now and that is why he couldn’t be here today.


BM2: Life is full of surprises and a mutual acquaintance many years ago became what I know will be a life long friendship. You have opened your family and your home to us, and you also became a sister, even though after 8 plus years you only met my parents 2 months ago! Our stag and doe could not have happened without all your hard work (and FRIEND’s) and the surprise shower was so much fun.


FSIL: I saved you for last because you’re my newest sister. You sparkle everywhere you go. You have been so excited about this wedding since DH and I got engaged and I have relied on your enthusiasm at home over the past 15 months, whenever I started to get tired of planning or making decisions, you managed to make me excited again. Not that I am not loving every second of this day, but it was a lot of work getting here.


FG: For those of you who don’t know, besides being a bride, a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter, one of my favourite things to be is FGa’s godmother. Having FG be our flower girl today was really special and I hope when she grows up she will remember some of today, I know I will never forget how important a part she has been in our wedding. And tonight ladies, she will put you all to shame, she can stay up all night and party like no one I have ever seen (except FSIL).


JBM: Before FG came along, JBM was the baby girl of our family. You’re not a baby any more JBM, you have grown up to be a gorgeous young lady, and I always knew you would have a special part in my wedding. You did a very important and special job today and I’m so proud to have you as part of my wedding party.


I wanted to be brief but there’s so much to say! Now I understand why the actresses get bleeped at the Oscars.


Mom and Dad: One February day in 1976 a baby girl came into the world who was really, really tiny and who might not have made it. Love and prayers made it happen and they are what has sustained me ever since. I know you couldn’t give me any brothers but I hope you’re as glad as I am that today you have a son. You showed me why I should wait for someone who loves me for everything I am, and everything I am not. You’ve shown me that life isn’t always easy, love isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. Congratulations on 33 years of commitment and hard work.


FFIL and FMIL: I’m sure when the new youth leader came to work at OUR Presbyterian Church you had no idea she’d end up being your daughter in law. I didn’t either. You have always been supportive of me, especially when things were toughest. You raised a wonderful son who is the best of both of you.


Minister 1 & Minister 2: You really honoured us today by performing our ceremony, it was so personal and meaningful. You worked together amazingly and made every wish we had come true today.


Harpist, soloist and pianist, thank you for sharing your beautiful music for our service, and Reader 1 and Reader 2 for reading the scriptures. You all know how much music and our faith mean to both of us and your participation in our ceremony was really a gift.


Florists: Years ago when you offered to do my flowers for my wedding, I didn’t know if I would ever be having one. But now that day is here and I realize what a monumental gift it is. And being able to let you design and create the flowers, decorations and centerpieces has been a very good exercise for me in letting go and not being a control freak. Everything is so beautiful and came out better than I could have planned.


Photographers: Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I know you have captured hundreds of special moments for us today and we really appreciate it.


Today has been 29.5 years in coming for me. There was a time, a long time, when I didn’t think I would ever stand here as the bride at my own wedding. Then DH came into my life.


DH, falling in love with you was a total surprise. We are living proof that love happens when you least expect it. I know it was part of God’s plan for us, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Thank you being all that you are and for being ready to start every new day with me. And I can’t wait to watch hockey with you again, did I mention that’s in 11 days?


There was a time when I thought I wasn’t lucky in love but today I realize just how lucky in love I am. You have traveled from 5 minutes to across provinces and continents to be here with us today. When I see all the love in this room, I am overwhelmed. Every person in this room, and many who would have liked to be here but couldn’t, love us and are loved by us. Bit of trivia, there are over 1,000 years of marriage sitting in this room right now. And I’d like to specially mention my aunt L and uncle P who are celebrating 35 years married this year, and our friends the FRIENDs who have traveled from Michigan to be here this weekend, their 33rd wedding anniversary was yesterday.


Thank you all for being here, at our wedding and in our lives. Thank you for being all that you are and everything you mean to us. I hope you all have a wonderful time tonight and enjoy everything we have spent 15 months preparing, who am I kidding? OK I spent 29 years preparing. My wedding, my husband, my family, my friends, are everything I could have dreamed and more.



Posted by ajade

First of all we have a bunch of people who we’d like to thank who have helped over the past little while:
Betty for making the bridesmaids dresses, Leslie for making our beautiful wedding cake, Murray for playing the bag pipes, Laura and Brad for being MC’s here today, Jolene for doing my makeup today, Ross for doing the photography today, Shaun for videotaping all of today’s events, Sarah, Ana and Melissa for doing the ceremony readings, Taneen, Ashley, Rachel and Christine for helping be usherettes today, Debbie for singing, our bridal party, and our parents. Also a special thanks for all of our out of town guests who traveled to be with us today.


Mom: My mother, there are no words to express my gratitude for everything you have done for me, I love you!


I am also going to thank Jason’s family for welcoming me into their lives and for always being there for us as a couple.


And now to my husband: When we first met I knew you were the one! I thank God each day that I am so blessed to be the one that you love. You came into my life and completely changed it – for the better in cause you were wondering. You are my biggest supporter, my best friend and now my husband. So thank you Jason for loving me without end. I hope I can continue to make you as happy as you have made me over the past 5 years.


And finally we would like to say a huge thank you to each and everyone of you for being with us today. A wedding can happen anywhere and at anything nut it can only be a celebration when all the people you love and care about are there to share it with you, so you have really made our day.
So if you’d please raise your glasses for a toast – To Friends and Family!



Posted by macpetertosh

What a night! (sigh) I’m so pleased all of you could join us tonight – as you can see we wanted a small, intimate wedding with all of our closest friends and family and well, that’s you. I have a few thank you’s to make but I must start with Paul.
Lovey, or lovey-do in our more intimate moments (smile), thank you. You know, we make a point of remaining grateful to one another for the little, daily things but I think we sometimes miss the bigger things – I want to thank you for your thoughtfulness. I want to thank you for your smile. I want to thank you for your generosity. I want to thank you for your warmth, your charm, your understanding…the list could go on, love. I want to thank you for who you are and for accepting and loving who I am.


Along this line, I need to thank your family for helping make you who you are. Lois, Syd, and Brady, you have accepted me as a part of Paul’s life and welcomed me into yours – for that and for all that goes along with that, thank you.


Mom and Dad, thank you so much. Not just for all the wedding help, especially with all the details Mom, but for everything you’ve done for me and to help guide me. I may not do what you suggest but I do listen. You guys really have gotten wise since I was 15.


Shout out to my sibs – just kidding! Terese, Greg, Kate, Shaun, Kaitlyn – thanks. You guys are the best. I couldn’t have wished for better.


Lastly and more wedding related – Sophie and Mary. I know I’ve only known you guys a short time but the patience you two have shown every time I came to you at work and said, “Ok, so, about the wedding…” tells me a lot about who you are – either good friends or selective listeners. Either way, thanks.


Paul and I have enjoyed planning tonight and bringing everyone here for our vows. With such a small group, we hope you know how much you mean to us. Let’s raise our glasses now, in a toast to a wonderful winter evening. Salud!



Posted by blushing27

I know that it goes against tradition for the Bride to have a speech, but I do have some things to say and some people to thank. I promise that after I am done you can have some dessert, so hang in there!


First and foremost, I would like to thank my mother for getting me public speaking classes in high school. I was convinced that they were a complete waste of time and money, but now you all get to reap the benefits of it, so, thank you Mum. Mum, it has been a fun few months with all of this frantic transatlantic planning going on, hours upon hours on the phone. In fact, Bell Canada and British Telecom love us so much they sent a gift. It was a wok, just in case you were wondering. Seriously though, Mum, I know it has been difficult being so far away. Thank you for being understanding, helpful, and supportive during this busy time, and above all, just being my Mummy.


It was being raised in a family full of love that has made me the person I am today, and for that I thank you. Despite all of the sacrifices that were made, the troubles that were had, and the yelling that we did, we were always friends through it all, and for that I thank you. For your grace, for your strength, and for your love, I thank you. I have been truly honoured to call you Mother, and I am honoured to be your child, and so it is with all of this daughter’s heart, that I thank you.


Karin and Doug, what can I say, you have already given me so many blessings. Not only have you raised the most wonderful son, but your love for him and for each other is an inspiration to me. Thank you for all you have done for me, and for accepting me so unconditionally into your family. And Karin, thank you for encouraging your son to date me, they just need a push sometimes don’t they?


Now to my Dad, who has allowed all of this to become possible. Thank you for not being too involved, and having no opinions about anything whatsoever. It made this really easy. Seriously though, Dad, having you walked me down the aisle was a little girl’s dream come true. Biz, thank you for getting him ready, telling him to keep his mouth shut, and pushing him half of the way down the runner, I appreciate it! Dad, you have taught me some of the most important lessons I have learnt in life: how to appreciate fine European port, how to order beer in Spanish, and how to say cheers in Russian. I sense a theme. So, thank you Dad, I love you. Das vadania tavarish.


Now to my wonderful bridal party. I have known Kate, my bridesmaid, since I was seven years old, which was when things were only as complicated as whose My Little Pony was the coolest. Kate is now an astrophysicist, off studying quasars in Arizona while I still have the coolest My Little Pony. Kate, thank you for sharing our special day and for being my good friend through Swaffham Bulbeck Primary, Hills Road Sixth Form, University and beyond. Lucy, what can I say about Lucy? Lucy is easily the most fashionable person in the room and I thank her the most for not throwing up when I suggested “charcoal” for the dresses. She has taken on the most stressful and difficult tasks of the planning process completely in stride, and is by now probably considering a career in event management. Lucy, you have been an absolute goddess during this time, if only I could find a way to repay you, not only for being so fantastically helpful, but also for dating my brother. How much do we owe you? And finally to Emily, my wonderful sister and Maid of Honour. I swear that I am unrelated to this girl because not only is she an absolute genius, and also an Olympic calibre horse rider, and the most beautiful person I know, inside and out. It’s not often that you find yourself looking up to someone 10 years younger than yourself, but I truly do. Thank you for being here, for standing by my side, and for being a wonderful friend and sister. I love you.


Finally, to my husband (gosh that sounds weird). Sweetie, get out the tissues, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it through this, and to all of you, I apologize if I start to go supersonic during this. Only dogs will be able to hear me shortly. Glenn, my husband; thank you for asking me to be by your side, to be your wife, and to be your future. Whatever strange fate or circumstance brought me here, across an ocean and back again, I know it was all meant to bring me to you. I wear your ring with sincerity, with faith, trust and love, promising to love you. You are simply the light of my day, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life in your arms. Thank you darling.


For those of you who don’t know, Glenn and I have some words inscribed inside our wedding rings. The inscription reads “So Much” and tonight someone asked me what that meant, so I thought I’d share the meaning with all of you. It is difficult to quantify love, sometimes it simply just “is”. But what I felt for Glenn and he for me was so big, and so overwhelming, the only way I could accurately show him how much I loved him was to say “So Much”, because that is, of course, as much as there can ever be. I will finish off by having you all raise a glass. My wish is for all of you to experience “So Much”. I wish for your lives and your homes to be brimming with joy, full of friends and family, and surrounded by the love of someone you love in return. I wish to all of you “So Much”.



Posted by Mrs.F.C.A.

I know I have said numerous times that there would be no formal speeches at our wedding, so consider this an informal speech.
I will keep this short and sweet because I don’t want to interrupt the drinking too much – I really should have rethought the open-bar idea for an Irish/Scottish wedding. That’s O.K. we don’t mind paying off the bar tab instead of a mortgage…
Seriously (but in an informal serious way) Thank-you all for coming. Some of you have made longer treks than others and we fully expect you to be more drunk.


O.K. can you tell I like to make jokes when I’m nervous??


Mom, Thanks for allowing me to go on that summer road-trip to Newfoundland with Ian when I was 17 – you probably shouldn’t have, but it sealed the deal.


Dad, Thanks for not intimidating Ian with your “mun-power” and for the many late-night dinners that we’ve enjoyed together.


Jay – what can I say, Thanks for not being shit-faced yet. Thanks for not forming a gang to kill Ian when you first found out we were dating, Thanks for being the best big bro in the world.


My girls – You both rock. We’ve been friends for way too long and I appreciate you both not flaunting your large bosoms next to my modest ones on my wedding day.


Ian’s family – Thank-you for always making me feel accepted and loved. I am so glad to have in-laws that I truly love. Mike and Alex, you guys are fully my brothers now, so expect an increase in annoying little sister behaviour.


Ian – Goes without saying – I love you times a million googles – Thanks for showing up.


(Lift my glass) Cheers everybody, Thank-you for sharing our day with us. I feel blessed that we have so many good people in our lives, Slainte.



Posted by G.G.

Well, let me start by saying thank-you to those of you who have come all this way. It is much appreciated and beyond my expectations. Those of you who know me know that I had basically given up on finding a man for myself. Actually, I had come to terms with the fact the once the girls left home…it was going to be me, a rocking chair, and some stuffed cats from the taxidermist. Those of you that don’t know me that well are wondering…”why stuffed cats?”…well, the answer is quite simple. I am not an animal lover and I am allergic to cats. But, they are less mess then dogs. But, I digress, that was my plan and I was quite happy with it and trying to rope others into joining me. All in all, I was resigned. Who would have thought that my being a little haunted and going out one night would cause me to meet the one person that was missing in my life and who was waiting for me as well? One little trip to a place that I have been a 100 times before….where he has been as well, not to mention all the times that we have shared the same spaces in the past 10 years and we have never met….but, this one time when neither of us was expecting it…we met and we knew it was meant to be from the first words spoken.


I’d like to thank my MOH “daughter” who although she hates dresses more than anything in the world, she has put on a dress and stood up for me as only she could, because she has been there right beside me every step of the way. To my youngest daughter, I am thank-full that you are here to be my flower girl and to walk mommy down the aisle and to the both of my daughters I am especially thank-full that you have accepted “FIANCÉ” into our lives and have learned to love him as mommy does. You are better than I was at your age. I would also like to thank BM for flying all the way here on a limited and stretched budget. It means a lot to me that you wanted to be here for us and especially for me. You have been the greatest friend through hard times and through relationships. At least we always had each other to lean on. I’ll try to continue to be there for you through the years.


To my good friends “L + P” we thank you for being here as well, it was a long way to go and yet you came. To other family members that have come all this way…we appreciate it and the time that you have set aside for us. Hopefully, you will enjoy yourselves. To those that couldn’t make it, such as my mother and father, they are missed, I’m sure that they know that our thoughts are with them.


To my “husband” thank-you for coming into my life at a time when I never thought that you existed other then in storybooks. You have taught me what real love is, what it means to be cherished and to have someone love you for simply being you. I love you more than yesterday, tomorrow I’ll love you more than today and 10 years from now I’ll love you more than ever. Thank-you for accepting me for who and what I am and for never judging me.



Posted by Ricy

I want to thank you all for sharing our wedding day. The love and support you all have provided the both of us have been beyond anything we ever dreamed.


I want to thank my mom and dad for helping to make all my dreams possible, both today and all my life. I also want to thank them for being so understanding and making my happiness such a priority. I also want to thank my mother in law and father in law for all the love and warmth they have given us and for making this day as wonderful as it is. I am so happy to become a part of your family.


Now I want to thank my maid of honour, Tanya, you have been my best friend since we were twelve. You have seen it all and been through it all. You are like family to me and I cannot imagine my life without your unyielding blindness to all my faults. You are such a source of strength, you have no idea.


And thank you Name and Name, my bridesmaid. My sister, Name, you look very beautiful today, thank you for being here for me. And my sister-in-law, Name, you have done so much to make our wedding so perfect. Thank you so much for being my bridesmaid and for making that beautiful cake, it’s a piece of art.


Finally, I want to thank my new husband, Name. Thank you for giving everything I ever asked for, from the last piece of sushi to everything else. You are the most kind-hearted and loving man. You have made my life better in every possible way and I can’t wait to start our lives together.


Now I am crying.


Thanks again everyone for being here and for your love. Have a wonderful evening.



Posted by Cubana_girl2006

First, let me say…wow we all got through the day!


I could only have wished for so much support in the past year and on this special day. Not only is it New Year’s day but it’s also the day I finally got to walk down a beach and show mother nature and everyone here how much I love Gil by becoming his wife.


There are so many of you who I have and will again thank but there are a few special people who I would like to toast.


Thank you mom and dad for welcoming Gil with open arms into your lives. Dad: I know it wasn’t easy letting go of my arm and frankly it wasn’t easy for me either but you handed me off to my best friend. Mom, this past year has been a rollercoaster of emotions. From the time we announced our engagement, to today you have been fabulous and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Grand-Maman, even at your young age of 98, you came to Cuba just to make sure we went through with it! <> I love you so much and look up to you every day of my life. I am so glad you are here to enjoy this moment with us.


Rita and Manuel (parent’s in law) not once did you judge me for not being Portuguese! <> Just kidding! Thank you for opening your home, your kindness and your family to me. I can’t say how relieved I am to have quote on quote in-laws versus out-laws. You guys are great.


To the wedding party; you guys have been amazing. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better planned year with so many surprises and warm wishes along the way. Marc and Jill (my brother and sister in law to be) you have both made this day very special to Gil and I and I can’t thank you enough. Jose and Eve (Gil’s brother and sister in law) thank you for opening A LOT of doors for Gil and I with Rita and Manuel. Brandon and Christina, our traveling buddies, you guys always made sure Gil and I were having fun with the planning and reminded us all the time why we were doing this. And Bob and Laura, you’ve been an inspiration to Gil and I. Your wedding last year made us realize just how much in love we are and that our time had arrived.


Last but definitely not least, Gil: from an acquaintance, to a friend, to a partner to my husband and my life. You have been absolutely fantastic this past year but this does not surprise me as you have been fantastic since the day I met you. You have found a way to make me feel special every day since we’ve met. You’ve helped me through the tougher times in life, like college and belly dancing! You’ve supported me in everything I have ever wanted to achieve and have celebrated all of my glories. Today’s glory, is by far the biggest and most important and I am thrilled you toughed all of the rest out to be here with me today.


I loved you then, I love you now and I will love you always. From this day forward, I pledge that to you “mon amour”.


And to everyone here, thank you again and I hope each and every one of you enjoys the rest of day as much as I will.


Thank you, Gracias (Spanish), Merci (French) and Obrigado (Portuguese).



Posted by jboroch

Hello my darling friends.


First of all, I would like to thank everyone for shearing this very important day with us. Thank you for taking the first step with us, on the road to never-ending love and happiness.


I would like to tell you all, that each and every one of you will probably be offended by something in our wedding. And if you are not offended by anything, please complain to either myself, or my dear husband Bely. (just for your info, we have a lot of crazy things planned e.g. twin belly dancers – my grandma will die; fish centerpieces – many do not like the idea – so I decided to make it into a joke).


Thanks to my 4 moms that raised me. My mom, ____ my best friends mom, ____ my fiancés mom, and my grandma. you made me into the woman I am today.


I also thank my daddy who taught me what a husband and dad should be like, and who taught me what to look for in a man. Bely encapsulates it all daddy.


Thank you all for coming. You better break a few legs on the dance floor tonight. Anything less will not be unacceptable.


So now, raise your shot glasses and down them. let’s begin!!!! (ps. I’m polish)



Posted by mswebber2b

Family, friends, loved ones and most especially DH;


I stand before you an elated woman! Today I have made a lifelong commitment to DH (it’s SO great to use that word!) and I am thrilled to be able to share this experience with all of you.


We do not go through life alone, and I want to thank all of you for helping nurture both of us into the people we are today. We are so grateful to have found each other, and to share our joy with all of you. Also, we are two strong individuals, and we both cherish the people and experiences that have shaped us.


It is especially touching to us that so many of you have travelled from far away – the many, many friends and family who have trekked across Canada and those from as far away as Japan, the UK and Italy. Wow! We feel so loved!


A special thanks to all the people who have made this wondrous day come true – Erin, Erik, we love you guys! To all the bridesmaids and groomsmen, thank you for your unwavering support! To all the vendors and helpers here at the venue, we appreciate all the time and effort you are putting into making our dream wedding come true. To our families, for – well – everything.


Finally, DH, you make my heart sing! Thank you for being you, and for your unwavering love.



thank you!



Posted by jadedbride

I’ll make this brief because I know you are all itching to see Dustin and I show off our twinkle toes on the dance floor – and to get back to the bar!


Thank you to everyone who has helped with food, dresses, tuxes, decorations, music, readings, parties, organizing, gifts, and every little detail that has helped make this day a dream come true. I don’t want to sound like an Oscar winner so I’ll save the long list for now and thank you all personally later.


Mostly, I want to take this opportunity to thank my new husband, for showing me the kind of life that I want to live – one with him, with love, with family and with nothing that doesn’t bring pure happiness and joy. I’ll quote from a letter I wrote to him in the first couple of months we were dating: “You have helped me realize that family is not the most important thing – it is the only thing. I didn’t realize the boundaries of my heart were limitless until I met you and your beautiful daughter.”


And let me just say that I can’t wait to sign my name for the first name as Mrs. Jade _____!!



by Kim Bourne – a.k.a. angelonmyshoulder

I want to thank you all for coming, I’ll never be able to tell you how much it means to us that you are all here to share in our day with us.
There are so many people to thank and acknowledge, if I’ve left anyone out please know that it is because I’m overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness and not because you aren’t appreciated.


First of all, a very special thanks is in order for Petra & Ryan, who set Brad & me up on a blind date – it obviously went well.
Thank you Wendy for doing the programs, Jim for all you’re running around for us and Rachel for playing the harp, thanks to Connie for her wonderful sewing talents, thank you so much Chris, Eva, & Ken, our readers – you all helped make today even more special.
I’d also like to thank my bridal party, who have been fabulous and a constant source of support. I can never truly express what your help and generosity of spirit has meant to me.


Rachel, Madelaine, David & Erik you all did so well and are so special to us, thank you so much, we love you all very much.
Carolyn & Susan, you welcomed me into your group from the very beginning. You were both so kind and warm and I feel like I’ve known you both for years. It wasn’t long before I realized that I no longer referred to you as Brad’s friends but as MY friends and that felt good. Thank you both for everything, and for wrecking your nails peeling price tags off favours.


Karin, I can’t begin to tell you all how much Karin has had to put up with – we work together and she has had to listen to wedding vents and planning every day – every single day. Karin, many people are lucky enough to work with people they like but I’m luckier I get to work with my friend, you have been such a help to me with your advice, your support, and just listening while I ranted. Thank you for everything including the shower you threw for me at work, and mostly for being my friend.


Rae, I hardly remember the time you weren’t a part of my family. You have been a great support in the wedding planning, even though you are 2 ½ hours away – the distance never stopped you from helping. I want you to know that you are not my bridesmaid because you had the good sense to marry my brother and become a part of my family. I asked you to be a bridesmaid because you are my friend. Thank you for everything. I feel lucky to have you in my life.
Natalie, I’m not even going to try to sum up 20 years of friendship, You have laughed with me, cried with me and very importantly shopped with me, you have been through everything with me & you know everything about me and still love me. I chose you as my maid of honour not because you are my truly my best friend but because to me you are family. Thank you so much for all the love & support you’ve given me and the wonderful shower you gave me. I hope you know how much you mean to me.


I’d like to thank my aunt & uncle, Jean & Cal Ford, you have been so great to Brad & me – you have helped us with everything from getting us Ebony & Puck, our kittens, to giving us advice and support. You both have a special place in our hearts.


I know Brad will be thanking my brothers, Duane & Jim, but I just want to take this opportunity to tell you both how much I love you.


To Brad’s parents – where do I begin? You have been kind, caring, honest and welcoming to me. You accept me for who I am and I feel like I have been a part of your family forever- you’ve been so loving, supportive and helpful in the wedding preparations. I know that all the traits I love in Brad have come from both of you. I can never tell you how much you have both come to mean to me, very simply I love you both and thank you just doesn’t seem like enough words but I mean them from the bottom of my heart.


Now, my parents, I am finding it hard to find the words to thank you for all you’ve done for me or to tell you how much I love and respect you. You have always been there for me. You were there, encouraging me to take my first steps and to say my first words and today you stood beside me as those steps took me to my husband and you listened while I spoke my vows. If you think I don’t know how hard that was for you – you’re wrong I do know and its just another thing I need to thank you for. I know that I am the person I am because of you both. I didn’t settle for anything less than true love because of your example. I know what to look for and I waited for it (and waited, and waited) You built us a home not with wood and bricks but with your hearts and your souls and I know how lucky I am to have been given that. I have never doubted for a second that you love me and I hope you both know how much I love you. You have helped with the wedding so much and let’s face it, if it weren’t for you, I’d be up here naked (so everyone has something to thank you for). Thank you and I love you both. On a lighter note, let me tell you all about choosing the song for the Father-Daughter dance, I first chose the Celine Dion song “I’m everything I am because you loved me”. It’s a very sentimental song and I got to the point where I can’t hear it without crying – so I get out the CD and place Mom & Dad on the couch and give this little speech about how this song says all I feel. I play it and of course start to cry, they listen for a while and then my dad gets up, comes over to me, turns off the CD and looks into my eyes and says “how the hell long IS this song? Please note I’ve chosen a shorter song. Thanks again Mom & Dad.


Lastly, but not least I’d like to thank Brad, for being the man that he is – I never thought love would find me and then I get this wonderful gift —- you. Whitney Houston had a song out a few years ago that I was crazy about, I played it over and over – just ask Duane, he had the room next to me. The lines were “Give me one moment in time, when I’m all that I thought I could be, when all of my dreams are a heartbeat away and the answers are all up to me”. I loved that thought and I wished for that moment – but we don’t always get what we wish for – I wanted one moment and ended up getting forever. I love you Brad for this moment and forever.


Once again thank you all for coming. Enjoy the night.



Tracy’s Speech to her Family

To my family, in lieu of a long speech, I’ve decided to share some memories I feel, say it all:
• A favourite pink dress
• Ringlets
• A middle part
• Short bangs
• Gymnastics
• tap
• Jazz
• Piano lessons
• Figure skating
• Girl guides
• Sailing
• Acting lessons
• Soccer
• Rides to school
• Drives to Guelph
• Visits to Winnipeg
• Christmas presents with numbers on boxes
• Shoulders I’ve cried on
• Being grounded
• Being unfairly grounded
• Baby that a way
• Stanwick’s pool
• Stanwick’s bbq in the pool
• A crayon up my nose
• A giant pear tree
• Thin ankles
• Straight teeth
• 2 orange cats
• Being cavity free
• Drinking and smoking
• Steak dinners
• Maple leaf gardens
• Never breaking a bone
• A Christmas Eve car accident
• Dylex Limited leather chairs
• Airplanes at Buttonville
• Santa at Scarborough Town Centre
• Sugar free gum
• Atari 5200
• A Pac Man Champion
• 2 Jaguars
• A black Firebird
• Stuffed Animals
• A younger brother
• A younger brother I used to strangle
• A younger brother who is a dear friend
• An imaginary friend named Christopher
• An older brother who shares the same name
• Grandfather clocks
• Grandfather clocks with beer bottles in them
• Always getting caught
• Loud voices
• Soft hearts
• Families meeting
• Families joining
• A dad walking me down the aisle
• Loyalty
• Happiness
• Commitment
• Love


It is these and so many more memories that have made me the person I am today and hopefully the best wife I can be to Jerry. Today is my best day. Thank you, to my outstanding family, because you all made it happen. I may be relinquishing my last name today, but forever, I’ll remain an Onderisin.