Everyone basically knows, you have a wedding, you better get the speeches prepared, because they are inevitable. Here is a walkthrough of the Toasts & Speeches to be performed on the actual wedding day. As for the proper order of speeches, we’ve looked at books and websites, and everyone has a different order.
The only person who is required to make a toast at the wedding is the best man. Tip: Reception is party time. Don’t restrict the fun with a bunch of rules.
So, here are a list of potential speakers and who they traditionally toast. And we say, other than the best man being first, and the couple being last, what happens in between is up to you.
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1. Best Man toasts the couple and the bridesmaids
2. Grace before dinner (optional)
3. Groom’s parents toast the uniting of the two families
4. Bride’s parents toast the couple
5. Maid of Honour toast the couple and the groomsmen
6. Groom toasts his wife, his groomsmen and both sides of parents
7. Bride toasts her husband, her bridesmaids and both sets of parents
8. Anyone else (why not the whole reception!!! JUST KIDDING)
Here’s another tip. If you’re having more than 5 speakers try and fit a couple of speeches in between dinner courses. People tend to get bored if they have to listen to one speech after another. After eating a big meal, people have to get up, move around, have a cigarette or fall to sleep. You decide what you’d prefer.

• Keep speeches short
• Practice them in the mirror and then in front of someone else
• If you can, add a funny story
• If you get sentimental, you’ll be a hit, so don’t be embarrassed about it
• Look around at the guests and the wedding party

• Don’t be drunk before you give your speech
• Don’t curse
• Don’t chew gum
• Don’t speak slang or “street”
• Don’t bring up the couples past relationships
• Funny is one thing, but taken to far can become humiliating