Contributed by a mom
My daughter got married a few years ago, and at the time Madonna was “HUGE”, and my daughter loved her music etc. and of course who doesn’t love Elvis Presley ! So the Maid of Honour and I got together and planned “An Evening in Blue Hawaii” as the theme.
We hired an Elvis and a Madonna impersonator, we catered the buffet style food ourselves, keeping in mind the theme was “Blue Hawaii”. We did our homework, and we found out Elvis’ favourite foods and the foods that are a speciality in Hawaii. We started with a seafood station, and we draped the table in a fishing net with seashells, and we had shrimp, and oyster crackers with dips, a crab ball etc. As the guests arrived we gave everyone a lei and they all mingled and enjoyed the seafood station while we played music that was the sound of waves splashing against the shore.
Once everyone arrived we then called my now son-in-law and told him to bring my daughter, she had no idea, she thought she was going to visit friends. When she walked in , I thought she was going to faint. She was so surprised.
Once everyone was ready, we opened the patio doors and the guests walked outside to “Hawaii”. We had made Palm trees using sono tubes and crepe paper, we hollowed out coconut and made them into lanterns and they were hanging all around. We took golf umbrellas and using raffia we turned them into grass huts with the food stations underneath. For the skirting for the tables, we cut crepe paper into grass skirts, for the main coarse buffet, we used a blue table cloth and puddled it and gave it highs and lows, and placed the food on that, and sprinkled sand in places to give it a shore effect. We used white plates with blue cutlery and napkins.
Everyone by this time, was relaxed and they all dug into the food using the plastic shovels that were there to serve the food out. Then at each table ( Patio Tables) we had fish bowls on their sides with pebbles spilling out of them with votive candles wrapped in plastic seaweed with fragrant candles lit. We placed on each table 2 pitchers with different kinds on punch in them for the guests to enjoy.
While we were cleaning up, the bridesmaids had made up a song and dance to entertain the guests about my daughter and her fiancé. They were terrific. Then we brought out the dessert station, fruits galore, chocolate dipping sauce, small pastries etc.
THEN Elvis and Madonna came in. They were unbelievable, even the Grammas were up shaking their booty ! Elvis sat my daughter on his knee and sang “Love me Tender” and gave her a blue scarf, and Madonna and my Daughter sang together. They stayed about an hour and once everyone calmed down, we served coffee, tea and cake and the Maid of Honour and the Bridesmaids opened the gifts and my daughter was able to relax and thank everyone personally.
For the Thank you gifts we made up little bags of Hawaii related things such as a can of pineapple, banana chips, fruit drink etc. Only problem was no one wanted to go home, everyone said it was the best shower they were ever at. Now people call me all the time ! Cost you say, because we did most of the work ourselves, the only cost was for Elvis and Madonna, and they were worth every penny .(they weren’t that much). Remember to have fun and enjoy the day.