The content of your speech can contain, thanking the couple for the honour, some thank you that the bride has requested you to make(most brides don’t make a speech), stories about the bride and your friendship.
Your speech can be anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes in length and if you’re married to the best man you can do a speech together.
Greet the guests and introduce yourself, “Hi my name is Cathy and I’m Mary’s maid of honour and sister. It means so much to me to be given this privilege, tonight. Thank you Joey and Mary.”
Thank people that have helped with the wedding planning, decorating, cooking, etc. Mention them by name and get them to stand up so that everyone can see who they are. “I’d also like to thank Mrs. Smith for making all the centrepieces and Aunt Lucy for making the bridal party’s dresses.”
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Talk about your relationship, “It seems like yesterday that we were having a tea party on the table our dad built for us and now I’m giving a speech at my sister’s wedding. We were quite a handful as children…” Add a kid story, teen years story and talk about the first time you heard about this new guy.
Mention the groom, “My sister couldn’t have gotten a nicer guy, if I went and picked him out myself.” Talk about how much the bride loves her husband and let everyone know about something you’ve witnessed between the couple or something the bride has told you in confidence about him.
End with something sentimental and a toast to the bride, the groom or her mother. “Not only is Mary my sister but she’s my best friend. I wish Mary and Joey, health, happiness and love in the future. I’d like to propose a toast to our mother, who has been there for us from the beginning and never complained about anything, she taught Mary how to cook and clean. And no one was happier or prouder when Mary got her college degree. To the best mom anyone could ask for, you’re one in a million, Cheers!”
That’s about it, you’re the only one that can put that special touch in your speech to give it that extra meaning for the bride. If you’re nervous have a glass of wine but don’t get drunk. Make sure when you’re giving your speech that you look at the people that you’re talking to or about and make sure you’re speaking loud enough so that everyone can hear you. Remember your posture and if you’re using cue cards put them in the correct order before you get up to the microphone.