Planning timeline for the groom.
I think we all know how happy and excited your bride is and how lost you feel. We are here to try and help out a little. Regardless of what you’ve heard, or think, it’s your day too. By all means, if you have any ideas, speak up or forever hold your peace. Most grooms, for some reason, withdraw themselves from the wedding planning process, this is not necessary. Your fiancé will love you even more if you show some enthusiasm for your wedding. Can you imagine what it would be like if you had to do all the planning by yourself. If you attend the bridal shows with her, you’ll be able to speak to and judge the wedding industry better. You will become more familiar with what things should cost and when you’re getting a deal. You might want to consider asking your bride if you can find a photographer, videographer and disc jockey, since it’s mostly men you’ll be dealing with in these industries.
We’ve put together a monthly checklist for you to use as a guide. It takes you through the wedding process over a one year period. Good luck and we hope it helps.
Go with your bride to book your services like the Reception Venue, Church, Photographer, Videographer, Florist, Caterer (if necessary) and Disc Jockey.
Look for the bakery that is going to make the wedding cake. Take care of your transportation needs and if you’re getting custom made wedding bands, start looking into that.
If you haven’t already made plans on where you’re going to live after you wed, you better start.
You should start looking around for your tuxes and order them. You and your fiancé should also sit down, get comfortable and open up a bunch of travel brochures. Figure out where you are going to go for your honeymoon. Don’t forget the rehearsal dinner, since it is up to the groom and his family to host. Make reservations at a favourite restaurant or decide if you just want a quiet evening at home. The guest list will consist of you and your bride, your parents, all the grandparents, the wedding party, and anyone else you would like to join you. Remember that it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, maybe you would like to have a barbeque or order take-out, it’s up to you. Make sure both sides of the family have completed their wedding lists and handed them over to you and your fiancé.
If your rings are not being custom made, start shopping. Complete your final version of the guest list and order your invitations. Go out and buy any clothes that you’ll need for your honeymoon.
I know that you’re not going to do this right now, but I’m going to tell you anyway. Buy your bride’s wedding gift. Buy the gifts for the groomsmen. Don’t forget to pick up the wedding rings. If you are having your rehearsal dinner at a restaurant, you definitely want to make those reservations now.
Call to confirm with all the wedding services you’re dealing with. This should be a priority and the two of you can split the list. If your honeymoon tickets are ready, go and pick them up. It’s also time to go to the bank and get your travellers cheques and currency.
Get a haircut and a manicure. A manicure is important, because a lot of times the photographer takes a picture of your hands with your wedding rings on. Did you remember to buy the gifts I told you to buy a month ago, if not you better run!!! Take your fiancé out for a romantic evening and give it to her (we mean the gift again)!!! By the way, it’s usually some form of jewellery that she can wear to the wedding. It’s also time for the rehearsal dinner. This even usually takes place the same night as the wedding rehearsal, if you’re having one. At the dinner you and your bride will hand out your gifts to the wedding party. You should also have your stag over and done with by now, with hopefully no lasting effects.
When you pick up your tux, please…please…please…try on the pants, vest and jacket. These rental places are very busy and orders get messed up all the time. Check in the bag to make sure all your tux accessories are accounted for.
The most important thing is not to get drunk. You are going to be nervous and nauseous tomorrow, the last thing you need is to also be hung-over. Make sure all the groomsmen have the right tuxes and everyone has shined their shoes. If you’re going on your honeymoon right after the wedding, then now is the time to pack and don’t forget your tickets!
Don’t forget to eat something, you’ll feel better. Give the ring and wedding license to the best man and also an envelope with the payment to the officiant. Give yourself at least an hour to dress. Put on your best face and knock’em dead handsome!! (Well, not literally!)
We here at the Frugal Bride would like to be one of the first to congratulate you. Try not to worry about the small things that might go wrong, it makes for great video footage. To see a more detailed planner go to the Wedding Planning Checklist. Cheers to you, you’ve worked hard and done a great job. Enjoy yourself and happy honeymoon.