Copy and paste the checklist into a word document and delete any entry that doens’t apply to your wedding; and add anything that we did not include like your cultural requirements and traditions. Keep in mind that this is only a guideline. Some weddings take 3 years to plan and others are done in 6 months. Whatever your timeline, the checklist below will help you out.
Mark an “X” when the task is completed!!

12-18 Months

____ Announce Engagement
____ Select Wedding Date
____ Hire wedding consultant/coordinator
____ Determine type of wedding: location, theme, # of guests, formality, time of day
____ Determine budget & how expenses will be shared
____ Buy a day timer to keep track of appointments & events
____ Develop a record keeping system for payments
____ Create an approximate # guest list
____ Decide if you will be inviting children or not
____ Select and reserve ceremony site
____ Select and book Officiant/Priest/Minister/Rabbi
____ Select and book reception location
____ Select and order bridal gown
____ Determine colour scheme
____ If ceremony or reception is at a home, arrange for any home improvements
____ Obtain, passports, visas, birth certificates, any documents need for travel and/or marriage licenses

8-11 Months

____ Select and book caterer, if needed
____ Select and book photographer
____ Select wedding party
____ Give wedding party a list of their responsibilities
____ Select and buy attire or bridesmaids & flower girl
____ Select and buy attire for mothers of the bride and groom
____ Select and book ceremony musicians
____ Select and book live band or DJ for reception
____ Select and book videography
____ Select and book florist
____ Register for your wedding gifts (this can be done sooner)

7-4 Months

____ Schedule fittings for custom made bridesmaids gowns
____ Arrange marriage prep-courses, if necessary
____ Reserve rental items
____ Select and book decorator
____ Finalize an A and B list of guests
____ Select and order invitations and other wedding stationary
____ Set date, time and location for rehearsal dinner
____ Select and book honeymoon night suite
____ Arrange accommodations for out-of-town guests
____ Start planning your honeymoon
____ Shop for your wedding gifts to each other
____ Shop for your wedding gifts to your wedding party
____ Shop for your wedding gifts to your parents
____ Buy shoes, lingerie and accessories for the bride
____ Buy shoes and accessories for the bridesmaids
____ Select and order wedding bands

2-4 Months

____ Take formal engagement picture
____ Select and order wedding cake
____ Order party favours/Bomboniere
____ Select and order decorations
____ Purchase honeymoon attire and luggage
____ Select and book wedding day transportation
____ Start addressing your invitations
____ Plan activities for out-of-town guests (optional)
____ Go on trials and book wedding day hair and makeup. Bring your headpiece and wear a white shirt
____ Obtain marriage license (expires in 3 months)
____ Send out your invitations
____ Select ceremony readers
____ Select ushers to seat your guests
____ Select guest book attendant
____ Select your MC
____ Mail invitations to shower
____ Get photography permit, if needed

6-8 Weeks

____ Maintain a record of RSVP’s and early wedding gifts
____ Maintain a record of shower gifts and send thank you’s
____ Purchase all ceremony and reception accessories: guest book, toasting glasses, garter, ring pillow, etc.
____ Select and reserve wedding attire for all gentlemen
____ Mail invitations to rehearsal dinner
____ Plan bridesmaid luncheon
____ Select your something old, new, borrowed, blue

2-6 Weeks

____ Finalize all food and beverages for wedding
____ Finalize all ceremony details with Officiant
____ Finalize all rehearsal arrangements
____ Finalize all floral arrangements
____ Final fittings for yourself and bridesmaids
____ Make a wedding day itinerary

1 Week

____ Give a copy of the itinerary to your wedding party and vendors
____ Finalize all details with all your vendors
____ Decide order of receiving line and head table setting
____ Contact guest that haven’t replied
____ Pick up wedding rings
____ Give photographer a photo checklist
____ Visit reception site for floor plan
____ Create reception seating plan
____ Give musicians a list of your music selection
____ Inform attendants when and where to pick up attire
____ Determine VIP seating for ceremony seating
____ Print out seating cards
____ Pick up honeymoon tickets
____ Give caterer/reception venue final tally of guests
____ Pack of your honeymoon
____ Wrap reception flavours/Bomboniere
____ Arrange mail collection while you are on honeymoon

Day of Rehearsal

____ Drop all wedding accessories and decor off at ceremony and reception locations
____ Make sure you bring all gifts that will be handed out at dinner
____ Make sure you have all final payments in envelopes for wedding day
____ Pack overnight bags for honeymoon suite
____ Make sure wedding party has their itinerary
____ Make sure gentlemen have black socks
____ Go to church for rehearsal
____ Review VIP seating with ushers at ceremony location

The Big Day!

____ Most of the details will be on your wedding day itinerary
____ Eat breakfast
____ Pack anything remaining on your “To Bring” list in cars
____ Make sure Maid of Honour has groom’s ring and Best Man has bride’s ring
____ Make sure you have your marriage license, photo permit and Special Occasions Permit, if needed
____ Put your engagement ring on your right hand
____ Use your wedding day itinerary to get you through the day on some sort of trouble
____ Remember to look around and soak in the views of the day you planned so long and hard for.