Please submit a wedding story to Frugalbride for publishing on our new and shortly coming blogsite.
If your submission is chosen to run as a Wedding Story, we will contact you with the link when it is uploaded. While we appreciate the submission, you will not hear from us otherwise.

Submission Instructions:

2. Please complete the vendor information below. All submissions MUST BE accompanied by this information or they will not be considered.
3. The event submitted should occur within the past 12 months from the submission date.
4. Submit 25-50 images from your event. While our readers enjoy detail shots, please keep them to a maximum of 5-8 images. We are looking for a “story” of the day as opposed to just details.
5. All submitted images must be 1000 px on the long side.
6. All images and your submission document should be provided in a zip file. You can use direct e-mail to , You Send It or Dropbox to provide us with images.
7. It is the submitting company’s responsibility to obtain model releases from their clients and to provide it to if requested. It is not necessary to send that with your submission.
8. We have no issues with you providing images that contain your company logos, however, they should not interfere with the general subject matter of the photo.
9. We DO NOT have any issues with you sharing your images with other websites, magazines, blogs, etc. We would just ask that you link back your wedding story, blog it, facebook it, get the word out!
10. At this time, we do not accept engagement or other editorial submissions. WEDDINGS ONLY PLEASE!

Submitting Vendor Information:

As the submitting vendor you take full responsibility for the copyright of the submitted photos.
Company Info
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Phone number:
Wedding Info
Couple’s Names:
Wedding Date:
Location of the Event:
Other participating vendors:

IMPORTANT: We encourage you to submit the details on all of the vendors used by your couple, i.e. website info, however, only paid advertisers will receive a link through to their website.

Story of the Day:

This story can be contributed by the couple or the vendor. (All photos or video clips must be submitted by the photographer or videographer). The story can centre around anything related to their relationship, i.e. how they got engaged, how they met, how they planned their wedding, etc. Whatever they feel is important to them. You can then add to that if you wish. We will read and possibly edit / condense your story if necessary. Plus, it would be really great to include any of the bride’s money saving or do-it-yourself tips.