Not everything in the list below will apply to every couple. Look over the different categories, copy and paste all the details that apply to your wedding and try to check off a couple of items every week.
Start 2-3 months before your wedding.


__Guest Checklist
__Send out your invitations
__ Call all guests that haven’t sent in their reply cards on time
__ Tally up special meal requests: veggie & children meals
__ Figure out your seating plan
__Create or buy a seating chart
__ Write out your place cards
__ Buy your favours
__ Wrap & tag your favours
__ Check on blocked guest rooms for your out-of- towners
__ Purchase and assemble guest room baskets
__ Arrange tours or activities for out-of- towners
__ Send wedding announcement to newspaper


Vendor Checklist
You’ve hired all your vendors and chosen packages months ago. Now is the time to finalize details. Create itineraries with times, locations and what your vendors are to do at these locations and send them a copy


__ Florist: # of boutonnieres, # of Corsages, # of bouquets, ceremony décor, reception décor, # of centrepieces, types of flowers for each of the above
__ Limo: Type of vehicle, # of hours, pick-up & drop-off locations
__ DJ: any lighting, audio or video equipment, song list
__ Cake: décor, icing, flavours, delivery time
__ Photographer: number of hours and photo package
__ Videographer: number of hours and video package
__ Decorators: confirm what and where you require décor
__ Rentals: confirm items and quantities
__ Church: call and ask what the earliest time decorators can arrive
__ Ceremony music selected

Personal Checklist
__ Plan bridesmaids luncheon or day out
__ Confirm rehearsal arrangements with vendors and attendees
__ Purchase and wrap gifts for bridal party, parents and others
__ Go for your final fittings (bride & bridesmaids)
__ Purchase wrap or other covering for cool weather or air-conditioning or church restrictions
__ Pick up your gowns
__ Pick up your tuxes (be sure to try them on before leaving the store)
__ Head Piece and Veil
__ Crinoline or slip
__ Jewellery: earrings, necklace, bracelet
__ Gloves
__ 2 pair of pantyhose
__ Lingerie: bra, panties, garter
__ Purse
__ Something old, new, borrowed, blue
__ A pair of formal wedding shoes
__ A pair of comfortable shoes for when your feet are broken & blistered
__ Get your engagement ring cleaned
__ Over night bag for honeymoon night
__ Makeup bag, perfume, deodorant, hand cream, mouthwash
__ Bride’s Emergency Kit
__ Manicure & pedicure


Honeymoon Checklist
__ Purchase needed clothing
__ Pack for honeymoon
__ Purchase prescription or over the counter medication
__ Pick up your honeymoon tickets
__ Make sure you have a valid passport
__ Keep a copy of your passport number or other ID separate from your other ID in case it gets lost or stolen
__ Get travelers cheques
__ Make sure you have some foreign currency for transportation, tips, etc, as soon as you arrive at your destination
__ Notify your credit card company of your trip. This way you are guaranteed that all charges will be approved.
__ Put mail/newspaper delivery on hold
__ Have someone check on your home: feed pets, pick up mail, water plants, etc



Ceremony Checklist
__ Wedding bands bought and sized
__ Confirm rehearsal and wedding date & time
__ Marriage licence
__ Vows chosen or written
__ Readers chosen
__ Usher chosen
__ Ring pillow purchased
__ Programs purchased or made
__ Music selected
__ Unity candle purchased


Reception Checklist
__ Photo permit
__ Fill out liquor license
__ Special occasions permit
__ Wedding insurance
__ Purchase any alcohol & mix
__ Guest book & pens
__ Pick guest book and seating card attendants
__ Engagement photo framed for display or guest signing
__ Meal selection
__ Confirm bar stock and hours
__ Go over floor plan
__ Create a seating plan
__ Let your venue know when deliveries will be made
__ Confirm linen colours
__ Figure out who will be in the receiving line and in what order
__ Choose attendant for guest book/seating card/reception cards table
__ Write speech and ask others to prepare speeches(wedding party, family & MC)
__ Decide on kissing and centrepiece game
__ Instructions for disposable cameras (announced or printed)
__ Bathroom baskets
__ Pick VIP reception songs: wedding party entrance, 1st dance, parents dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter removal & toss, last dance, etc.
__ Pick your kissing and centrepiece games.