Take a wild guess why we would even have a page like this? It’s that well known saying called “Murphy’s Law”. And we definitely don’t want that to be a factor on your wedding day, so here are a few suggestions of things that we think would be handy to have available on your wedding day. Simply print off our list and use it as your personal checklist. You won’t regret it and it will help ease your mind on your wedding day.


___Aspirin and Gravol. A headache is a good possibility and nerves could cause an upset tummy, make sure you have these two things stocked up


___Bandages for blisters


___Breath mints


___Something to eat. Maybe prepare a nice cheese and cracker tray the night before, not just for yourself, but for your attendants too. It would also be nice to have one available for the groom and groomsmen. The one thing that people always forget to do is eat, so finger snacks are probably more practical.


___Extra makeup. This is especially important if you are not having your makeup person with you all day. We have no doubt that you will want to touch up your makeup several times through the course of the day. Make sure you have powder to get rid of shine and lipstick.


___Hand mirror to go along with the makeup.


___Stain remover wipes just in case a nasty spot suddenly appears in all too wrong a place on your dress. And right before that all important pictures!!!


___Static Guard. You may not need it, but your wedding party might!


___Hand lotion.


___Q-tips and tissues. The makeup is going to run, you’re probably going to cry. Be sure you can touch up easily.


___Tampons. This is for the bride that might be close to that time of the month. Nerves could bring it on. Always be prepared and never leave it to chance.


___Nail Polish and a Nail File. Gee my nails look great! Until you break one. Don’t leave it to chance, be prepared.


___Extra pairs of nylons. This is particularly important if you are planning the garter shot, which in most cases comes closer to the end of the evening. You’re fresh pair in the morning could be a nightmare by the evening, especially if you are wearing crinolines that snag the hose.


___Safety Pins, Masking Tape, Stapler, Small Mending Kit. Oh No! my dress ripped. No problem because the Frugal Bride made sure that I was prepared. That’s right, it could happen, you’re dress could rip, the hem could come down, etc. Always be prepared. Something as simple as masking tape could save the day on a droping hem.


Well, that would be about it. We hope you find this list useful and we really hope you take our advice and have some of these things handy. We’re not saying you have to have everything on the list, but its a really good place to start.