Studio Name___________________________________________________

Videographer’s Name____________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________

Phone Number___________________ Contact Name___________________

What do they wear to the wedding?__________________________________

How long after the wedding will the video be ready?______________________

How many hours do they film for?____________________________________

How many weddings has your videographer done________________________

Have you seen samples?____________________________________________

Yes   No   Travel
Yes   No   Rehearsal Film
Yes   No  Pre-Ceremony
Yes   No   Ceremony
Yes   No   Reception
Yes   No   Did you meet your personal videographer?
Yes   No   Did you see his sample tapes?
Yes   No   Does he have a checklist to fill out?
Yes   No   Master Copy - How Many? ______ Price ______
Yes   No   Edited Copy  – How Many? ______ Price ______
Yes   No   Package Deal - Price ______
Yes  No   Paid By The Hour  How Much _________________
Total Cost ________________ Deposit ________________
Amount Remaining _________ Due Date _______________